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December 7 remembered through local artists’ songs |26 January 2024

December 7 remembered through local artists’ songs

President Ramkalawan interacting with the artists

A group of local artists paid a courtesy call on President Wavel Ramkalawan yesterday, to hand over a copy of their songs in remembrance of the December 7 incidents, which they said will forever be embedded in the minds of all Seychellois and in its history.

They were the Moncherry family comprising five artists, but represented by three at yesterday’s meeting with the head of state, namely Roch Moncherry and his two granddaughters, Maria Mein and Beverly Moncherry, as well as renowned siblings, Isham and Isis Rath.

Mr Moncherry shared that the aim of their song titled ‘Le 7 Desanm 2023’ launched yesterday, was to empathise with all those affected as well as touch the hearts of the people, prompting them into making a contribution to help those in need.

“I hope that when the public listen to the song they feel a sense of empathy and with a good heart can lend a helping hand,” he said.

Mr Moncherry explained that the song addresses the events that occurred on that day. “It is a date engraved in our minds and this song describes the grievances of the people, which we believe need to be heard in a different way, to bring forth a message that highlights the positivity and raises people’s morale.”

He added that the song is a collective work with inputs from many talents within his family as well as Anthony Julie, who he specially thanked for his expertise and input within the song.

The artist said he was glad to have personally given the president a copy of the song and witnessed as he listened to it for the first time.

“He really appreciated the lyrics especially the bit which says, “nou remersye nou bann frer ki’n fer donasyon, ki pe ed nou dan nou soufrans,” because being thankful to those who are helping is crucial,” concluded Mr Moncherry.

For their part, Isham and Isis Rath who are members of the local band Mozaik, said they have joined forces as artists to maintain and further promote unity and positivity at such a difficult time. Their song is entitled ‘7 Desanm’ and its music video was recently finalised and posted on YouTube.

“The way in which we can help is through music, through the words and melodies we share, as our intention is to bring everyone together and that was also the aim of today’s meeting, as a personal thank you from the president himself,” said Isis.

Isham said for an incident as tragic as that of December 7, it is important to have something to uplift the people's spirits and morale. This was something commended by the President who described the songs as a form of therapy while he talked to the artists about their songs.

“In both ours and the Moncherry family’s songs, there is the spiritual aspect and that to me is very important; to have something spiritual to hold on to at this time because it might be that little thing that you need to get back up,” said Isham.

He explained the song was sudden, with the inspiration coming one week after the incident. “I was not going to write a song, because it was never my intention to write a song about this. It just came to me that fateful day on December 14 and the thoughts and the melody just flowed. Luckily I had all my musical equipment at hand allowing me to record because you have to seize such inspiration at the time it occurs, or else you will never get it the same again.”

The meeting with the Head of State lasted a little over an hour, where President Ramkalawan shared his appreciation for their effort to keep the spirit high. He listened to both songs in the artists’ presence, while they swayed to the beat and explained the lyrics.


Diane Larame

Photos by Kurtrine Albert

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