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Ras Ricky celebrates silver jubilee |01 February 2024

Ras Ricky celebrates silver jubilee

Ras Ricky and his team at the launch of his new album ‘LONNEKTE’ at La Dolce Vita restaurant (Photo: Kurtrine Albert)

• Launches new album, plans concert


Ricky Jules Sultan known as Ras Ricky has released his 11th album to commemorate 25 years in the music industry.

The launch of the new album, titled ‘LONNEKTE’ comprising 20 tracks, took place on Tuesday afternoon at La Dolce Vita restaurant in Victoria.

For this immense accomplishment and his upcoming birthday on February 5, the popular local singer is also putting together a concert on February 3, in collaboration with Blaze Warrior band and other renowned artists.

Since the release of his previous album in 2020, featuring the popular song dancehall tune ‘Baskile’, Ras Ricky has been diligently working on this latest project which took him around four years to complete.

He gave ’LONNEKTE’ a physical appearance when describing it. “Where are you Honesty?”stated the artist.

The project underwent a comprehensive production process, which involved work both locally and in other countries including Mauritius and Belgium, particularly for the mastering phase, additionally in Jamaican studios for the instrumental bit. “It’s all about the budget,” stated Ras Ricky, who confirmed the entire project has cost around R75,000.

‘Journey of my life’ is a track from his album with a powerful backstory, which makes reference to his roots in the district of Les Mamelles.

“You do not have to live there to understand what is happening. Just listen to the song.” It aims to shed light on living conditions, even for those who have not experienced it firsthand, said the singer, citing the album’s title.“I believe that honesty will take you out of the ghetto.”

Most of his songs have a story or message behind them.

As he celebrates his silver jubilee, Ras Ricky said he does not compare himself to other artists as for him music is his mission and it is through music that he can spread the many messages and bring forward revolutions of change.

“I will always stay humble,” said the artist, who added the album was a team effort.

‘LONNEKTE’is available on Spotify and those desiring a tangible copy can purchase a pen drive at R250. It includes a video and the brand new 20 tracks. The album is also available on his website –

The artist also took the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and collaborated with him throughout his 25-year journey in the music industry.

His hope for the future is for a local artist to take part in the Summer Jam, the largest reggae festival in the world. Additionally, he is looking forward to see a young upcoming singer interpret one of his songs.


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