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President Faure assents to two bills approved by National Assembly |21 November 2019

President Danny Faure has assented to two of the three Bills approved by the National Assembly, and received by him on Friday November 15, 2019, for assent.

The president assented to the Road Transport (Amendment) Act 2019 which provides for persons above the age of 16 years, but below 18 years, to be granted a licence to drive a motor cycle or scooter of engine capacity 100cc or less.

He also assented to the Seychelles Fire & Rescue Services Agency (Amendment) Act 2019, which sought to clarify and streamline certain aspects of the Act governing the agency.

However, the President did not assent to the Physical Planning Bill 2019, as certain provisions of the proposed Act were not consistent with the status of the Planning Authority being an authority falling under the executive branch of government.

The President has returned the Bill to the Speaker of the National Assembly.


Press release from State House


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