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‘Let 2020 be the year of change’ |31 December 2019

“As 2019 draws to a close, we have to look back on what has gone by during those past twelve months. The hardships that the year has brought and Seychellois have endured cannot be overlooked. On my campaign trails I have seen much suffering which emphasised the glaring disparity between the haves and the have-nots in Seychelles. I have even come across a struggling mother sharing a tin of old sardines with her children. As the stalemate between the Legislative and Executive continues and political mileage becomes the main preoccupation of the two sides, this poor woman and others like her continue to stress about making ends meet. There is so much more that can be done for families such as this, so much more that is owed to them.

“Let this end of year be a time where we do reflect and make good decisions for our people, our children, our struggling elderly citizens, our unemployed youths, our under appreciated workforce and the future generations.

“As President of the One Seychelles Party, I express my heartfelt thanks to all party members, supporters and also the citizens of this beautiful country who are steadfastly working towards a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. Thank you all for your support, inspiring devotion, perseverance, determination and commitment.

“The new year is bringing with it a chance for us to give Seychelles a renewed purpose, and a real change. Let us take a moment to reflect on the state of our nation, the state of our health and education systems, on law and order, our various economic sectors as well as the decisions that our present leaders are taking.

“Are these decisions the right ones for the people of Seychelles? Are we creating the future that we desperately need? Those who are frustrated and have had enough with waiting for housing assistance; you the single parents who are seeking assistance and are being refused, you who earn below the stated poverty line and you who are trying to make ends meet while others bathe in luxury, is this what you want for the coming years? Think about and make the right choice.

“There is a need for us to reinforce law and order, peace and security for both our people and visitors to our shores. It is time to adopt measures to implement the legalised medicinal marijuana; to ensure an incorruptible and truly independent judiciary by making them financially autonomous, to bolster Seychellois workers by ending preferential treatment of foreign workers over them, to put an end to monopolies which are crippling upcoming businesses and to discuss social issues that are truly affecting our society and are creating a negative impact on our economy.

“We, in One Seychelles, ask all who want to see poverty alleviation become a reality; who yearn for prosperity, peace, a reduction in the cost of living, modernised education and health systems, and a defined action plan on how to tackle the social ills affecting our communities, to join us and together let us make these goals a reality.

“Each citizen of this country has an important role to play in the Nation’s progress. Each of us deserve to have a rightful place in the centre of the country's development and future plans. Together, we are One Seychelles and Seychelles needs each one of us to restore unity, prosperity and harmony within its communities

“The time has come to quit talking and to move to effective action to address these issues and protect our economy. One Seychelles will keep on striving to bring the changes we need and which are long overdue. Despite the many challenges that come with being the Third Force which dares to stand up against two well-funded parties, we will persevere in the fight to make Seychelles the One Seychelles that we need it to be.

“On behalf of One Seychelles party and personally I wish all our members and supporters as well as the people of Seychelles a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Let it be the year of change!


Alain St Ange

President of One Seychelles Party

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