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Local tourism trade partners urged to review their preferential terms to tourists from South Korea, Italy and Iran |29 February 2020

Few months after the first outbreak alert of novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China and following the latest development in the spread of the virus now, renamed COVID-19, the Public Health Authority (PHA) in Seychelles has issued new travel advisories in regards to several countries including South Korea, Italy and Iran.

The PHA has advised the local government agencies and other stakeholders in the Seychelles tourism industry that because of risks of community transmission within the three recently affected countries – South Korea, Italy and Iran –precautionary measures have been taken to limit access for passengers from these areas.

In a special appeal to all local partners, the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) is renewing its plea made earlier this year.

Urging once again its local partners to apply special consideration to nationals from the affected countries and other passengers who have travelled to these places in the last 14 days and planning to visit Seychelles for the next coming months by allowing these clients to withdraw or push their bookings.

The ministry and STB’s recommendation presents itself to complement public health measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus into Seychelles.

The STB further stated that as the COVID-19 spreads, it is important to refrain passengers from these mentioned areas travelling to Seychelles from being penalised as a result of the sudden epidemic.

“Amid the critical time for our industry, we have been able to count on our various partners to make sure that our clients are treated fairly and with respect. It is a delicate matter and we are proud to say that our collaborators have been handling the situation in a very professional manner,” said Sherin Francis, STB’s chief executive.  

She further stated that the collaboration of local partners, including hotel service providers and other destination service providers, is important to ensure that the image of the destination is preserved.

Local partners are once again being requested to provide potential visitors and other clients from these areas who have booked a holiday in Seychelles for the coming months with preferential terms and special policies for refunds, removal of charges in cancellation fees, extension for travels until a later date.

The Ministry of Tourism and STB are maintaining liaison with the respective airline partners, the local health authority and relevant overseas health authorities to closely monitor the situation for risk assessment.


STB News Bureau

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