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President clarifies mistake on Instagram account |16 April 2020

A post published on the official Instagram account of President Danny Faure (@dannyarfaure) on Tuesday evening was the centre of much confusion after internet users pointed out that its caption had been lifted from that of former US President Barack Obama’s Easter greetings on Twitter.

The post’s caption was later amended and, in a new post published yesterday morning, President Faure’s Instagram account addressed the issue by stating that a member of its social media team had committed an error in replicating the Easter greeting without acknowledging the source.

Additionally, President Faure apologised for the mistake via the new post.

The post notes that this incident is not acceptable and thanked the citizens who came forward and brought this to the attention of the president when they noticed the mistake.

“We must continue to hold our leaders accountable. We must also continue to extend our understanding when mistakes are made,” reads the Instagram post.

“The post in question has since been amended, but it has raised important questions about acknowledging the source of our information and verifying the contents before we share,” it adds.


Compiled by Elsie Pointe






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