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Seychelles’ first skydiving event proposed for October 2020 |03 June 2020

Seychelles’ first skydiving event proposed for October 2020

Skydivers across the world have been invitedto come to Seychelles to parachute and enjoy the beautiful scenery during a one-week skydiving adventure known as the ‘Seychelles Innhopp Experience’,an eventhosted by Fly Seychelles – the new skydiving project recently created in our country. This is provisionally scheduled to take place from October 15-21 this year.

The event is being proposed to the local authorities by Francesco Drosi, a Seychellois citizen who has been skydiving himself for more than 20 years.


Members of the public in Seychelles would all be welcome to come and witness this first-time event in Seychelles from the various dedicated viewing points. 

Each day, around 40 skydivers will free-fall and parachute from an aircraft, and land in different locations in Seychelles, including the sand band at the Marine Park, Côte d’Or, Grand Anse and Anse Lazio on Praslin, La Digue, Bird Island and Denis. The logistics will be facilitated by Mason’s Travel’s catamaran.


All going to schedule, Seychelles would welcome 76 participants from 28 different countries, including ten world record holders and some of the top skydivers in the world, as well as 8 wingsuiters. Participating countries would include Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Angola, Germany, France, South Africa, Slovenia and Namibia.

Three people among this group have done more than 10,000 jumps and one has completed 8000. Every skydiver will represent their own country, with Drosi proudly flying the Seychelles flag.


A total of 15 Seychellois have been invited by Fly Seychelles to jump for free and they will be trained prior to the event by three of the top instructors coming to Seychelles.

“This is a very new type of event for Seychelles,” says Drosi. “The participants will be landing in some of the most beautiful parts of the country and the children will enjoy watching all the landings.”

“The event will attract many people from around the world. Many tourists will come repeatedly for holidays here just to be able to participate in such types of events again in the future, so it will serve as a great attraction for them.”

There are plans to introduce a school for skydiving in the future where anyone in the world can come to Seychelles to train. Locals will be able to avail of a special price for this training.   

The official opening ceremony of the Seychelles Innhopp Experience will potentially see a number of international celebrities and journalists, with the ceremony aired over Sky Sports in the UK, in Germany and France.

Drosi explains that it was while he was in Namibia with Even Rokne participating in a similar project that he had the idea of bringing this eventto Seychelles.

Rokne, the Norwegian 5-time world skydiving record holder,is the creator of this special type of event and organises skydiving activities all around the world. Every three months, he chooses a new country to hold a major happening.

Drosi, who came to live in Seychelles more than 20 years ago, says he has been participating in sports for more than 25 years. He was part of the military in Italy and following this, he continued skydiving as a hobby, realising that this was his passion.


To date, he has done 500 jumps and when asked what his most memorable experience has been so far, he talks about his scenic jump in Namibia where the landing is located in between flocks of rhinos and leopards – a landing which he describes as a “thrilling” in itself.

Drosi says that nonetheless, the beautiful scenery, including the beaches in Seychelles serves as one of the best in the world, especially when considering the ‘bird’s eye view’ of all the islands.

Speaking about the Seychelles Innhopp Experience, Drosi is overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, saying that it would be a dream come true.

“The company would like to thank the President for all his support for the event. I would also like to say thank you to Mr Wilfred Fock Tave at the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) as well as Ms Esmée Samson – general manager, Air Navigation Services (SCAA) and Daniel Labrosse. We received top support from Ms Samson for this event.” 

For more information, contact Francesco Drosi:

-       Telephone: 2 877 351

-       Email:



Photo Sources: Francesco Drosi

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