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Seychelles Lions promote climate change awareness |01 July 2020

Seychelles Lions promote climate change awareness

The Lions Club of Seychelles in support with the department of Energy and Climate Change under the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, is promoting climate change awareness through the setting up of signboards at key wetland sites on Mahé.

To this effect the Lions have managed to set up its first signboard at Port Glaud district before the COVID-19 pandemic. The remaining two signboards were formally opened on June 6, 2020 by the club president Lion Rajesh Pandya and the respective district administrators of Anse Boileau and Cascade, the member of the National Assembly for Cascade and staff from the climate change division in a simple ceremony.

These boards are creating awareness among the locals and visitors on the importance of the sites where they are erected, how the wetlands and the mangroves are interacting and reducing the impacts of climate change on our shores. The mangroves especially protect the shores from sea level rise, shoreline erosion, filtering debris and silt from land based surface runoff and providing ideal habitat for several marine and terrestrial life forms through its food web and food niche.

Both at Anse Boileau and Cascade, the club president reiterated the role of the club and its support for environment through such programme and pledged to continue the same in the coming years by the successive leaders of the club.

The DAs and the MNA were also sincere in their support and welcomed such initiatives from the club in future as well and thanked the club for its venture in the awareness creation activities. As the readers are aware, due to the global pandemic, both activities were of low profile with less participation from each side.

Following a request from the DA and the MNA of Cascade, the Seychelles Lions Club has supported the idea of placing one more sign board in the Cascade district with more information on the wetlands and mangroves in the coming days.


Contributed by the Environment Projects Coordinator – Lions Club Seychelles – 2019-2020

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