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National Assembly

National Assembly stands dissolved today |07 August 2020

The 6th National Assembly stands dissolved as of today following President Danny Faure’s proclamation which was read out by Speaker Nicholas Prea in its last session yesterday.

This is in line with Article 110(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles which provides that the President may, by Proclamation published in the Gazette, dissolve the National Assembly for any reason which the President considers it to be in the national interest.

President Faure publicly announced his intention to dissolve the sixth National Assembly in the spirit of national interest.

His signed proclamation for dissolution read: “Conscious that the existing Covid-19 pandemic necessitates the need for a National Assembly that has a common vision with the President elected in 2020 in order to immediately implement legislative measures, plans and policies to revive the economy and to tackle socio-economic and environmental challenges; and considerate of the fact that Covid-19 will impact the cost of elections in a multitude of ways if Seychelles holds Presidential Elections and National Assembly Elections at separate intervals, the President gave the Speaker of the National Assembly seven days’ notice of the intention to dissolve the National Assembly on 30 July 2020.”

As the 6th National Assembly came to an end, leader of the opposition Wavel Ramkalawan highlighted that another stage in our history concludes.

He noted that it has been an interesting four-year journey which unfortunately came to a disappointing end.

Hon. Ramkalawan additionally congratulated the LDS team in the National Assembly which he said brought innovation, elevated the standards of the National Assembly and worked hard for the benefit of all Seychellois.

Although their tenure in the National Assembly ends today, Hon. Ramkalawan re-pledged LDS’ commitment to work for the people of Seychelles.

He further thanked the secretariat which has provided consistent support to the MNAs.

“As we come to the end of this stage, I would like to thank the one above who has protected us and that is God,” Hon. Ramkalawan concluded.

An emotional leader of government business, Charles De Commarmond, noted that it would be his last time speaking as an MNA and leader of government business.

The Cascade MNA joined the National Assembly at the early age of 23 and has devoted around 33 years to parliamentary life. The dissolution of the National Assembly also marks his retirement, which has greatly propelled by his health issues.

Hon. De Commarmond has served as the leader of government business under former President James Michel and President Faure.

“My journey was not one that was easy but it was interesting. I am happy that I am leaving the National Assembly better than before,” Hon. De Commarmond said.

He also thanked everyone he has worked with during his 33 years in the parliament, from the staff of the secretariat to the Speakers to the MNAs.

“I pray that the National Assembly that comes after us is much better than we have been,” Hon. De Commarmond stated.

He noted that Speakership of Nichola Prea was exceptional and added that he has taken pride in the United Seychelles’ MNAs who did not let the majority party overpower them.

“Our party sent us out on a mission which we achieved with success,” he concluded.

On her part, the clerk of the National Assembly, Tania Isaac, added that it was a pleasure for the secretariat to work with the legislators and stated that the secretariat challenged itself to achieve the demands brought by the members in the 6th National Assembly.

As for Speaker Prea, he thanked the two leaders, MNAs, the secretariat and his constituents in Bel Ombre.

A special thank you went to Bernard Georges from whom Speaker Prea said he learned a lot.

Speaker Prea said he is proud of the changes he has brought to the National Assembly.

“I am leaving the custody of the National Assembly and secretariat in good hands,” stated Speaker Prea.

The 6th National Assembly was the first of its kind led by the opposition party instead of the ruling party, made possible by the 2016 election results which gave LDS 15 direct seats and 10 to US.

The MNAs, including proportional members, were sworn in on September 27, 2016 aside for Philip Arrisol who took his oath of allegiance in March 2018 to replace Patrick Pillay as the elected member for Anse Boileau.


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