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STA welcomes its 12th ADHM cohort |29 August 2020

STA welcomes its 12th ADHM cohort

The new recruits in as souvenir photograph with guests (Photo source: STA)

The Seychelles Tourism Academy has welcomed its 12th cohort following the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management (ADHM) programme.

The programme was launched with the aim of producing more managers that are Seychellois for the tourism and hospitality industry.

While students study an array of subjects such as Accounting, Marketing, Economics, and Human Resources Management, emphasis in recent years has been put on operations. Graduates are therefore expected to take up positions in either Front Office, Restaurant & Bar, Kitchen or Accommodation department of hotels upon their graduation. The long term goal is to at least have several Seychellois in general manager position in the future.

This year, 9 new recruits have joined the programme.

To mark the beginning of this new stage an induction was held on Monday August 24 as part of the new academic year.

The main objective of this event was to welcome the new ADHM students as well as the progressed Year 3 students who were on internship during their 2nd year. The academic year of ADHM begins end of August.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Port and Marine Didier Dogley; principal secretary for tourism Anne Lafortune; John Stravens, chairman of STA; Flavien Joubert, the STA principal; parents, management and staff of the STA.

Students were welcomed by the dignitaries present and were given several words of encouragement.

Mr Joubert made a motivational speech to the students whereby he highlighted the achievement of good results through perseverance and hard work.

The minister’s speech was to impress on students the need to take their studies seriously despite the difficult situation.

He advised both New Year 1 and the progressed Year 3 not to give up but to rather stay focused and ensure that they reach the finishing line.

PS Lafortune and the STA chairman also made their contribution through a welcoming speech and the sharing of some words of wisdom.

Veronique Sinon, a past Shannon College graduate, shared her experience as a student on the programme. She urged the students to stay strong despite the tears and sweat that they will have to go through along their journey.

It is important to note that the programme is made possible through the dedication of the STA staff, sponsorship from the Seychelles government, the support of the trade, while quality aspects are monitored by Shannon College of Hotel Management, a college of the National University of Ireland in Galway.

Hence, STA normally have the presence of the representative of the Shannon College for the induction each year. However due to the global situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic this has not been possible.

This year therefore, on behalf of the Shannon College management and staff, Adrian Sylver, the deputy head of Shannon College of Hotel Management and head of studies made his contribution through a speech which was read by Miss Brigitte, the deputy director of STA. As part of his speech Mr Sylver conveyed his congratulations to the new recruits for having secured a place on the programme and for choosing to study at the Seychelles Tourism Academy. He reassured them that they will be in excellent hands of ADHM staff with high calibre.

Mr Sylver also stated that the new recruits are joining an institution that has an excellent reputation, a programme validated by external bodies, excellent working relationship with many industry partners.

During their tenure at STA students will follow a mix of theory and practical related subjects as part of their first year training. All four operations department will also be covered.

In their second year, the students follow a 12-month internship programme. The third year of their Advanced Diploma studies will be spent back at STA whereby in addition to theoretical subjects, the students are expected to organise an evening around a theme. The running of the kitchen and restaurant is left entirely up to them. Upon graduating with the Advanced Diploma and successfully passing all subjects as well as a progression interview, the students have the choice to pursue their studies further at Shannon College of Hotel Management, in Ireland. Before graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree, the students spend 9 months at college as well as a further nine months in a hotel on internship. They have the choice to follow their final internship in Ireland, Seychelles and UAE.

The new recruits are ready to take up the challenge of studying under the new normal conditions and we wish them the very best.


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