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National Assembly

Seventh National Assembly |28 October 2020

Parties name proportionate members ahead of today’s first sitting


Linyon Demokratik Seselwa and United Seychelles have named their proportionately elected members ahead of today’s first sitting of the seventh National Assembly.

Pursuant to paragraph 4 of Schedule 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles, Clive Roucou, Naddy Zialor, Rosie Bistoquet, Doyace Porice and Roger Mancienne have been nominated by Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS), while United Seychelles (US) has chosen Johan Loze, Sebastien Pillay, Chantal Ghislain and Wallace Cosgrow.

The names of the nine proportionately elected members have been published in the Official Gazette dated October 27, 2020.

LDS got five proportionate seats in the National Assembly after winning 20 of the 26 districts for a total votes of 35,202 out the valid votes cast (64,194) in the October 22-24 election. This represents 54.8% of the votes.

As for United Seychelles, they garnered six districts to pick up four proportionate seats with 42.3% (27,185).

The directly elected LDS members of the National Assembly are Clifford André (Anse Aux Pins), Philip Arissol (Anse Boileau), George Romain (Anse Etoile), Kelly Samynadin (Au Cap), François Adelaide (Baie Lazare), John Hoareau (Beau Vallon), Norbert Loizeau (Bel Air), Sandy Arissol (Bel Ombre), Philip Monthy (Cascade), Andy Labonté (English River), Regina Esparon (Glacis), Waven William (Grand Anse Mahé), Wavel Woodcock (Grand Anse Praslin), Desheila Bastienne (Ile Perseverance), Bernard Georges (Les Mamelles), Gervais Henrie (Mont Buxton), Michel Roucou (Mont Fleuri), Richard Labrosse (Plaisance), Sathyanarayanan Sudharsan Naidu (St Louis) and Terrence Mondon (Takamaka).

Sylvanne Lemiel (Anse Royale), Churchill Gill (Baie Ste Anne), Rocky Uranie (Inner islands), Conrad Gabriel (Pointe Larue), Egbert Aglaé (Port Glaud) and Audrey Vidot (Roche Caïman) are the six directly elected members of United Seychelles.

This is the first cohort to comprise 26 directly elected members as a result of Persévérance being added as a new electoral district. This is in accordance with Article 78 of the Constitution which addresses the composition of the National Assembly.

Newly elected President Wavel Ramkalawan, who was sworn in late Sunday afternoon in a ceremony at State House, summoned the National Assembly to its first sitting today, Wednesday October 28, 2020 in the precinct of the National Assembly of Seychelles, Ile du Port, Mahé commencing at 10am.

The statutory instrument 155 of 2020 regarding the proclamation was printed in a supplement of the Official Gazette dated October 27, 2020.


Compiled by Gerard Govinden


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