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Work on Pirates Arms construction project resumes |29 October 2020

Work on Pirates Arms construction project resumes

The symbolic gesture by SPF CEO Lekha Nair to mark the restart of the Pirates Arms project

Piling works have resumed on the Pirates Arms project, the Seychelles Pension Fund has informed its members.

The construction site in Victoria was visited by the management team of the Seychelles Pension Fund (SPF) last week for preliminary tests of the new piling method and on Tuesday this week to witness first-hand the actual first piling being done.

The highlight of the visit was the symbolic gesture of filling concrete into the first hollow pipe in the ground, for the first pile, by SPF chief executive Lekha Nair.

The new system being employed by the pilling contractor Franki Pile, uses the Continuous Flight Auger pile system (CFA), which is different from the Augur Vibro Hammering piling system, used previously.

As explained by Tommy Marie, head of projects, “going forward SPF needed to find a solution to the displacement of soil caused by vibrations during the piling operations, hence the new system being implemented”.

Mr Marie explained that this is the best solution for the piling works for this project and it is the first of its kind used in Seychelles.

He further explained that at a rate of 4-6 piles per day, Franki Pile should safely complete the 167 piles within the next two months.

For her part, Mrs Nair expressed satisfaction and confidence that after several setbacks that delayed the project by two years, it was important for SPF to ensure that this project is completed with no further delay as Pirates Arms is an iconic and historical landmark of Victoria.

The next stage of the project will be the tendering for construction of the building itself.


SPF news release

Photo sources: SPF

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