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Global Entrepreneurship Week |16 November 2020

Global Entrepreneurship Week

President Ramkalawan delivering his message (Photo source: Office of the President)

President Ramkalawan sends out message to the world


President Wavel Ramkalawan has sent a message to the world to kick-start the Global Entrepreneurship Week which Seychelles will be hosting as from today, November 16, 2020.

President Ramkalawan’s message reads:

“Greetings from our beautiful Covid-safe paradise!

“We live in an era where what we used to refer to as the norm has become a thing of the past. A new norm is being daily invented and creativity has conquered our minds, for indeed the human race has been blessed with the wisdom and energy to reinvent itself in order to face challenges and survive. We live in an era where we look up to innovators and entrepreneurs. Because of your insistence, perseverance and resilience, we can wake up each morning with renewed energy, knowing that regardless of life’s uncertainties we will survive and transform our world and give future generations real hope.

“Innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe have literally taken the bull by the horns and have seized the economic stimulus brought about by the pandemic. Many reacted with vigour and exploited the prospects it brought along and as a result tore down the barriers impeding their survival. The proverbial ‘silver lining in every cloud’ has indeed been a guiding light and I want to congratulate you for the leaders that you are in a world where too often we easily give up.

“With more lives being lost, more families separated, jobs becoming less and economies retracting, we need innovators and entrepreneurs, to crusade their way through the hardships, opening the doors of hope and inspiring others along the way.

“I am honoured that my beautiful country, Seychelles, was selected to host the Global Entrepreneurship Week during a time where anxiety presides over the aspirations of my fellow citizens. I am extremely proud that as a small island state, heavily dependent on tourism, we have managed to overcome deficiencies, and broken away from tradition and little by little we are forging our way forward by using the entrepreneurial intellect of our people.

“I stand here today saluting the never-ending efforts of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, our entrepreneurship partners in and outside of Seychelles, in particular the United Nations Cooperation on Trade and Development.

“It is said that success lies within the time and efforts dedicated to doing what you truly love and I have no doubt that with passion and determination, we shall overcome the many unforeseen challenges that may come our way. After all, therein lies the spirit of true entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Accept my best wishes for a pleasant and successful Global Entrepreneurship Week.”


From the Office of the President

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