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The well-orchestrated plan ● Covid-19 and the Seychelles economy |21 November 2020

The well-orchestrated plan     ● Covid-19 and the Seychelles economy

The current virus would have to wait another 800 – 1000 years to appear naturally, for this virulent and highly contagious disease thrives in all climate types, be it tropical, dry, temperate, continental or polar.

Instead, this is most likely ‒ by all the evidence currently available, to be a biological weapon manipulated as one of a family of viruses at The North Carolina Laboratories Fort Dietrich US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Where under the directorship of Dr Anthony Fauci at NIAID (National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases) further funded and conducted joint research on Covid-19 at the Wuhan Laboratory (which both France and the US prefer as the controls are less strict). The broad purpose being to reduce the world population (as happens in any war) and to devastate the world economy as China and the USA are currently engaged in dangerous Navel brinkmanship and debt-trap diplomacy with a negative attempt to extend credit to debtor countries, whilst aiming in the medium term to extract economic, political and sovereign concessions or acquisitions from the debtor countries. When these independent sovereign countries become unable to honour their debts, infrastructure such as ports, airports, trains, businesses and islands will inevitably be up for grabs; to be cherry picked off by the prosperous and elite classes as countries attempt to get out of their obligations, be it with the IMF (Intermnational Monetary Fund) banks or other nations. The world by 2021 will be facing a recession worse than the ‘Great Recession’ of the 1930s and there will be no ‘bounce back’.

It is poignant to note that the SARS outbreak occurred in Guangdong, China in 2002 whereas the incubator of the latest transmission is Wuhan Seafood Market; the local outlet where animals previously used for laboratory experiments were sold from time to time. This may be the accidental or intended source, the smokescreen or a combination of the former and latter. Bats however may be the primary reservoir. The source of origination is vitally important in order to put in place measures to prevent future infections. But President Xi Jinping has responded to international demands by saying: “That an enquiry cannot begin until the pandemic has subsided.” If they have nothing to hide then an enquiry would be welcomed. The only answer to such a despotic response is for countries to stop importing Chinese products and save their economies in the process.


The Chinese plan

China has planned to execute its World War III plan in three stages:

Stage I

Economic liberalisation in the 1980s.

Stage II

Create chaos all over the world (from which China will benefit the most).

Stage III

By 2049 to be the most powerful nation in the world.

Deng Xiaoping embraced market reforms back in 1979 ‘stage I’ and subsequently China has become the top trading nation and is currently campaigning to become ‘Centre Place in the World’.

The ‘stage II’ pandemic is a plot to crash national economies in order to create the conditions for greater autocratic government control and most likely a world government. Those national economies having actively pursued IMF loans; because initially it seems beneficial, when in fact it will have an enormous detrimental effect on their economies and people, and in a very short space of time too.

The author believes that the Chinese regime today is now becoming dangerously impatient and intends obtaining ‘stage III’ well before 2049; as with the recent Hong Kong Security Law.


The world depopulation programme

According to serious researchers this covert depopulation programme is being run by the World Health Organisation. The CNN founder Ted Turner has said: “A total population of 250 – 300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels would be ideal”. And Prince Philip said back in 1988: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation”.

You may be forgiven for thinking that we are not in a war, for the viruses (invisible) and planned vaccines are a silent depopulation tool or bio weapon (Silent Soft Weapon). Otherwise this is known as the ‘culling’ and those that survive will be the controlled victims of the New World Order, which goes back to Hitler and more recently George W. Bush after the 9/11 attack. Which was masterminded by the CIA, Mossad (Israelian Overseas Intelligence) and British Intelligence (SIS/M16). The terrorist smokescreen was simply in order for the US to secure black gold in the Middle East.

The real risk of the vaccination programme is that after a few years you will be sick. Animals tested in the laboratory and then exposed to other viruses often died and a halt was subsequently called on the testing.

An interconnected group of elitists who want to control the population see the vaccine as the QUID QUO PRO.

The New World Order mission is made up of the agenda elements as follows:

● A one world government

● A one world cashless society

● A one world military.

● Depopulation

● An end to national sovereignty and international travel (re: tourism).

● There would be no private property.

● A micro-chipped society and a universal basic income austerity payment. (UBI Bill was proposed by President Nixon in 1969 and Pope Francis proposed it again this April!).

For millions of people and trillions of appliances to be hooked into the 5G Monitoring System.


Ban on naturopathic medicine

The end game here is the vaccine bar code or SIN-Thetic DNA drug in your body through which the leaders will have the possibility of drugging the population into submission through your 5G cell phone. So no more BLM or Hong Kong demonstrations fighting for democracy! In essence both your free will and freedom will be taken away. There is no way you would be able to get this Nano-technology out of your body. It would include a health App which could augment or modify a person’s behaviour. It would give your GSP position and report if you said you were somewhere else. It would be able to monitor too your sexual activity and issue social credits, or reduce your crypto-currency if you are denounced. It is proposed to use in the Covid 19 vaccine the patent Number 060606 Crypto-currency (In the Book of Revelation’s, note that the number of the beast is six hundred and sixty-six). This link up to crypto-currency would have the power to take away food, energy and/or housing.

You will be in a perpetual hell for ever (not unlike our addicts on Heroin & Methadone where the devil is in the driving seat of the brain). It’s a narcissistic experiment and it’s no coincidence that Trump is in power.

Do not forget that we are spiritual beings too; free will is a beautiful gift and makes us in the likeness of God, The Creator, Allah or whatever we wish to call him/her. We are here to make the paradise in this world, especially Seychelles where we need to think urgently OUTSIDE OF THE TOURISM BOX.


Capitalism and democracy

Currently the stock market is trading in a parallel universe detached from reality, where the market is highly over inflated against only too often poor performing companies.

These traders are drunk on stimulus and driving a false economy towards global chaos; Seychelles included. This capitalist pursuit of relentless growth on a finite planet is clearly prepared to sacrifice democracy and free speech in the process.

As the current Covid-19 pandemic rages on, national and international media rattle off statistics as though mortalities are only attributed to this particular virus or to some war somewhere. However, the harmful effects of alcohol results in 3.3 million deaths each year globally, whilst some 31 million have drug use disorders; of which smoking, alcohol and illicit drugs kill 11.8 million. Another statistic shows that 800,000 people die yearly due to suicide whilst 803,000 deaths by late July from Covid-19 have been reported.

News backdrops show the virus image daily, but no images of the other major causes of deaths; neither are any of the other groups subject to lockdowns, quarantine and isolation. So you may rightly ask: “What is really going on?” Which is particularly challenging when we are being lied to on a massive scale.

Hidden among the media hysteria and the domain of the panicking public demanding a vaccine is natures best way to protect ourselves by choosing a healthy immune system. Being healthy not only reduces the risk of getting the virus, but if you are sick it reduces the severity. We are fortunate with the sun here, our main source of vitamin D (UVB 90%) along with fish consumption, with added immunity from the amount of garlic, chilli and spices we consume, and a low carb no junk food diet is clearly the best. A Covid-19 or flu shot will not make you healthy, it will only provide you with artificial immunity against a particular strain. However vaccines reduce your body’s natural defence system which will be weakened and when the next virus is released? Most likely people will drop like flies and by the millions.

Whilst Hydroxychloroquine normally used for preventing and treating malaria is also highly effective against Covid-19; the flu vaccine by contrast increases the risk of catching Covid-19 by 36%.

Just as the Great Plague of the Middle Ages sowed fear, this one does too and paralyses people’s minds bombarded daily by fake news. Particularly in America where there is no freedom for dissenting expression and in a climate where liberties are being taken away. Anyone posting either ridiculous conspiracy theories or more alarmingly anything expressing the truth will get taken down by Facebook or Youtube within 24 hours. This current pandemic is the Plague of Corruption which puts the very sacredness of humanity at risk.




Some five years ago a financial article for The People was written clearly outlining that we were heading for a global meltdown and that as a nation we needed to get our debt level down to zero.

Today, in order to save our country a radical, bold and courageous policy needed to have been implemented as of March, such as:

A. Embrace a tight fiscal policy of zero borrowings and no printing of money to ensure that the Seychelles rupee remains strong on the international market.

B. Declare a ‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’ and dissolve the National Assembly by ‘Presidential Decree’ and turn the Seychelles Assembly building into a drug/drink free roller skating rink (a euphemism for its past use!), together with a landscaped outdoor skate board park for our youth.

  1. End the scandalous R700,000 being paid every month to the US and LDS.
  2. Close down all ineffective agencies such as Apdar and ‘ghost’ ministries and fund properly CEPS and the SCCI.
  3. Elect a group of the country’s 12 BEST SCHOLARS on modest salaries engaging the people to ‘brain-storm’ our way out of the economic crisis, putting the NATION FIRST.
  4. AIR SEYCHELLES: Change the management or close down the airline.

G. Unemployment: Aim to have one wage earner in each family.

H. Fuel reserves. Maintain good stock levels and continue purchasing when market prices are favourable. Have a vehicle ‘CONGESTION CHARGE’ on a sliding scale of passenger numbers for the Victoria area. Revenue to SPTC would provide a free bus service.

I. Develop new and innovative industries to meet the country’s needs whilst reducing all imports down to real essentials only.


Climate change or plasmatic electromagnetic upheaval

The weather is being falsely blamed on global warming and sun flares, but it certainly does not account for the earth’s rumblings and the solar system wide changes at the same time. This increase of quakes, storms, fires and volcanic incidents is being played down by the media and those highly important electromagnetic changes are being kept out of the media altogether.

The entire universe is connected with a web of electricity with plasma being the conductor; 99% of the universe is made up of charged-plasma at the atomic level, making planets densely charged plasma spheres. The current approach of Hercolubus (planet X) back into our solar system is sending an enormous amount of electrically charged plasmatic energy particles in waves to all the planets in our solar system. This has resulted in an increase of volcanic and seismic activities by 400 – 500% since 1975, and this is the minor preview! These hard facts are not being reported in the media and for good reason. This most important event for planet earth is being held back from the public by the controllers of our financial markets and the major media outlets for fear of spreading panic and a global financial meltdown.

Insiders from NASA, SETI and the CIA speculate that two-thirds of the world’s population may well perish during the pole shift which has accelerated in 2020. If it was a horse it has gone from a canter into a gallop from Canada towards Siberia. All being caused by the current inbound passage of Hercolubus which has already caused pole shifts of between 40 and 50 degrees on Uranus and Neptune. It is also estimated that another two-thirds of the survivors on our planet earth could pass away due to starvation and exposure to the harsh elements within six months. A study by top Russian scientists concluded that it would cause “a string of calamities and a massive population shrinkage”. They even openly wondered whether Russia would even exist as a country afterwards.

The ongoing WWIII cyber “hyper war” and the impending passage of Hercolubus poses fundamental questions for the survival of the human race. What we are witnessing is the end of a paradigm or decadent civilisation stuck in the third dimension on planet earth, ironically the richest topographical planet in our solar system. Atlantis was the greatest and wisest civilisation on earth with many high priests and others operating on the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions, an advanced civilisation that had harnessed solar power.

Today is a BATTLE OF MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. And being aware that we are being eliminated is the number one thing to realise at the present time. A positive shift in our personal enlightenment will ease the transition whilst realising that death is little more than a change of our clothes, making ready for our reincarnation on a different planet, for we are not alone my friends.


Crisis or opportunity

Right now the world is going through this dark negative period, it is the turbulent age we are living in right now; heading towards an existential crisis both nationally and on an individual level.

However, whilst it’s the time of crisis it’s also the time of opportunity (subject to ourvery survival of course).For those who are aligned and allow themselves to be a positive light vessels, realise that where there is a problem there’s also a solution. Right now, there is a big problem and a big solution. The Universe is putting a mirror in front of everybody’s faces, some just respond to events after they have happened; like a sleeping humanity that is waiting for the pandemic to be over. Whilst others are pro-active thinking and acting ‘outside of the tourist box’, for these people who work incredibly hard during the pandemic will be the ones who exponentially grow post-pandemic, be it in pioneering projects, the field of business or spirituality. Just by being smart and pro-active.

Interestingly Western culture often and incorrectly say that “crisis” is composed of two Chinese characters signifying “danger” and “opportunity”. Something that political leaders and the financial market understand only too well; for profits are enormous during a crisis or war. For example: American billionaires got US $434 billion richer during the coronavirus pandemic, whilst 26 million people filed for unemployment.


Feng Shui

We have taken so much from nature that it is now time to give back, to re-connect with nature and the energy flowing in the environment and strike that essential balance.

Seychelles is a granite micro-continent some 154 million years old, possessing aesthetically pleasing granite formations; that some unfortunately, are just too obsessed in making flat in days. Sesel Sa!

Whilst many governments have stopped their people going outside, this is a golden opportunity to go deeper inside through meditation or other spiritual work. Or, de-cluttering the house and garden and getting the feng shui running. The entrance is a good place to start with as this creates the space where the energy enters, make sure it is clean, well lit and bright.

What may appear as opposite or contrary forces are often complementary, interconnected and also interdependent in the natural world. For a nation this may mean becoming together as one in diversity. This is in essence the Ancient Chinese philosophy, the dualistic domain of yin and yang.

Closer to home the opiate may be the angel on your shoulder after major surgery or the devil incarnate breathing down your neck and in the driving seat of your brain if you are an addict, whether on illegal heroin or worse, synthetic opioids. This is the paradox of paradise.

When we see and experience this other dynamic perspective, we may be able to get out of this pandemic and the passing of planet X collectively; as we unite in love, music and trust, together as: ‘One in Positivity, as we make a shift into the fourth dimension’.


James Warren Des RCA

Author of ‘The Lulworth Triangle’ and a video under the same title on Youtube


The author wishes to acknowledge the following international whistle-blowers for these are the courageous heroines of the future:

The renowned scientist: Judy Mikovits PHD on ‘Plandemic – Hidden Agenda. (Wrongly discredited by Youtube)

The Chinese virologist: Dr Li-Meng Yang who fled China and reports that the deadly virus was made in the Wuhan Laboratory

Dr Carrie Madej for ‘The End Game of this Entire Event’ which lasted one day on Youtube

Dr Stella Immanuel at Washington D.C. Rally before video taken down by Youtube

See also: The Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verse 16-18




The views and statements made in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Seychelles NATION newspaper.




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