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STA Graduation 2019 - Catherina Bonnelame clinches President’s Cup |12 July 2019

STA Graduation 2019 - Catherina Bonnelame clinches President’s Cup

Catherina Bonnelame accepting the President’s Cup from Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon

Catherina Bonnelame, a mature student who followed the Advanced Certificate in Food Prep and Culinary Arts programme at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA), has clinched the President’s Cup for her exemplary attitude, active participation in school and extra-curricular activities and positive attitude and behaviour over the course of the two years in which she followed the programme.

Miss Bonnelame was officially awarded and recognised during the STA graduation ceremony held at ICCS yesterday afternoon. Among her prizes were the prestigious President’s Cup, a certificate, laptop and other prizes contributed by various sponsors.

“I am very happy and proud that the trophy has remained in the food and beverage department like last year. Hopefully, this year the food prep Year 2 class do as well. The two years have not been that difficult as such. When you do things that you enjoy, it is smooth and effortless. I had an inkling that I may win since I participated in a lot of extracurricular activities but I could not confirm it,” Miss Bonnelame stated.

Miss Bonnelame is already a degree holder having successfully completed a Bachelors Degree in Water and Land Management. Prior to enrolling in the STA programme, she was employed at the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (MEECC) as a policy analyst.

“I do not regret my decision to enrol at STA. I decided to change fields and I quit my job as I wanted to pursue my passion for being in the kitchen. Ideally I would like to specialise in food prep and being in the kitchen but with this prize, I get a full scholarship so potentially I will follow a Masters degree in tourism or possibly sustainable tourism,” she added.

Miss Bonnelame was just one of the many students who graduated from different tourism-related courses on the day and who were recognised for excellent performance and conduct at the institution.

Addressing all the graduates, STA principal Flavien Joubert congratulated them on making it thus far and wished them the best for their future endeavours.

“As you close this chapter, remember, this is just the starting point, the first big step of your climb to the mountain of life. Your qualification is a ticket that will open many doors but wherever life takes you, embrace it with an opportunity to continue to learn and grow,” he said.

“We have provided you with all the tools, knowledge skills, ethics and know-how to tackle each challenge with resilience and courage. So go on graduate, build your future with zeal and confidence,” Mr Joubert urged.

The graduates were also addressed by the deputy head of Shannon College Adrian Silver, a key partner to STA who applauded Mr Joubert for the institution’s efforts in ensuring that all students who pass through the academy leave with the necessary practical knowledge of the tourism and hotel industry.

Mr Silver also reaffirmed the relationship between Shannon College and STA and announced that the Shannon College will be funding the purchasing of the Opera software for housekeeping to facilitate students on the course.

“This is a commitment from Shannon College and is also recognition of the work being done at STA in creating the hoteliers of the future,” Mr Silver concluded.

Five students graduated with Advanced Diplomas in Hospitality Management, a three-year programme. Of the five, Fabienne Gerry was awarded as the best performer in Food and Beverage and best performer in business studies subjects while Jansi Camille was recognised as the student who performed best in Industry placements. It is important to note that Fabienne Gerry also clinched the ADHM Leadership Award.

A group of 20 students graduated with an Advanced Certificate in Restaurant and bar. Dhonelly Legaie was recognised for best academic performance, Aamrirah Laporte for Best Practical Performance and Anie Celestine for Continuous Effort over the two-year duration of the programme.

The Advanced Certificate in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts also saw 20 graduates from whom Catherina Bonnelame, the President’s Cup recipient, was recognised as Best Academic performer. Charlotte Joubert received the certificate for Best Practical performer and Ellie Franchette clinched Best Effort.

Beverly Moncherry was awarded as the Best Academic performer for the Advanced Certificate in Wellness and Spa while her colleagues Katherina Albert and Raphaella Banane were each recognised as Best Practical performer and Best Effort, respectively.

As for the Advanced Certificate in Reception Operations and Services programme, Maia Suleman received the award for Best Academic performance, Olita Pascal for Best Practical performance and Trisa Bristol was recognised as the student who continuously put in effort. A total of 25 students graduated from the course.

The last set of advance certificates was presented to graduates who were enrolled in the Tourism and tour guiding programme. Corine Julie was presented as the student with the Best Academic performance, Eileen Barege as the best practical performer and Dwayne Lenclume snatched the prize for Continuous effort.

Asides from Advanced Certificate Programmes, four sets of students graduated with Certificates in differing departments.

Twenty-four graduated with a Certificate in Restaurant and Bar from whom Fadilah Maringo is the Best Academic Performer while Melissa Monthy was awarded as Best Practical performer. Jamura Dubel is the student who has continuously shown effort in her studies.

A further twenty-two graduated with Certificates in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts. Erika de Castro was presented with the prize for Best Academic Performance, Shenita Pierre for Best Practical performance while Alvina Zelia was awarded for Continuous effort.

As for the fourteen students who graduated with a Certificate in Accommodation Operations and Services, Aniella Almage was presented with the certificate as Best Academic Performer, Kimberlee Benoiton as the Best Practical Performer and Rocushah Bastienne for continuous effort.

The final set of programme certificates was presented to graduates who had successfully completed the Certificate in Reception Operations and Services. Of the sixteen students, Amisha Bijoux came out on top as the Best Academic Performer, Oceanne Arnephy the best Practical Performer and Aneil Venda for continuous effort.

Asides from certificates from their respective programmes, several awards were given out to outstanding students.

Chief executive of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) Penny Belmont presented the SNYC Award to the student with the most improved behaviour Melissa Bouzin.

Two Minister’s Awards were also presented at Advanced Certificate Level and Certificate Level by Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Didier Dogley. Winners of the award received a shield for exceptional behaviour and work during their respective courses. At Advanced Certificate Level Elvira Bonne clinched the award while Oceanne Arnephy added to her Best Practical Performer Award and was awarded the Minister’s Award at Certificate Level.

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