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President Faure meets association of former SPDF members |15 July 2019

President Faure meets association of former SPDF members

President Faure speaking to the association members during the meeting

The President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF), Danny Faure, attended a special meeting of a newly formed association regrouping former members of the SPDF.

The meeting, held on Saturday afternoon at the International Conference Centre Seychelles (ICCS), was convened as a follow up of a recent meeting by President Faure with members of the executive committee of the association under the chairmanship of Ronny Matatiken in order to provide members with the opportunity to openly discuss with the Commander-in-Chief pertinent matters related to their welfare as former members of the SPDF.

President Faure commended the executive committee for the initiative and welcomed the idea of such an association focused on ensuring former members of the force who have dedicated their time to serve their country are well taken care of.

Following positive and fruitful discussions, certain key decisions were announced by President Faure which included the allocation of a plot land and the construction of a facility designated for use by former members of the force, the appointment of a new liaison person within SPDF to facilitate communication between the association and the SPDF.

The President also announced the creation of a Special Pension Fund for former members of the SPDF and the review of cases of former members of the force who had sustained injuries while in the force and were not properly compensated.

Some of the members also expressed, despite being former or retired members of the force, their wish to continue contributing to the development of society and to serve the country.

To conclude the meeting, President Faure thanked the former members of the SPDF for taking the time to attend the meeting and reaffirmed his support for the association in advancing matters focused on the welfare of former Seychellois military personnel.

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