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Office of the President refutes allegations made during United Seychelles party press conference |25 February 2021

Following the live press conference of the United Seychelles party held yesterday morning, led by its party leader Dr Patrick Herminie, assisted by Dick Esparon and Jacquelin Dugasse, the Office of the President has categorically refuted the numerous incorrect statements that were expressed against the government. Among some, it particularly wishes to highlight the following misleading allegations:

1. The staff of the Office of the Vice-President have not been fired as indicated by the US.

2. The US candidate at the last election, Steven Rose, has not lost his job at the Ministry of Education and is still in full-time employment with the ministry.

3. The only reason why the SPDF budget has increased is not due to the government preparing for civil disobedience as insinuated by Dr Herminie. Rather, as part of the budget process the grant of a new Coastguards patrol boat by the government of India amounting to a sum of over R300 million has been included in the SPDF budget.

4. The methadone acquired from Mauritius was a gift to the country following a conversation between President Ramkalawan and Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth and had nothing to do with procurement through Apdar. Since then a stock of methadone has entered the country.

5. During the visit to the Club Med Resort, the President and his delegation shared a meal with all the workers at the resort canteen and this did not include any special treatment of a 10-course meal as indicated by the US party leader.

6. The donation of vaccines by the UAE was not negotiated prior to the President’s visit, but was a direct result of his meeting with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

7. The government has no intention of repealing the relevant laws on the declaration of assets by politicians. The only change is that the declarations will be handled by the Anti-Corruption Commission of the Seychelles.

8. The vaccination programme of the country is ongoing and is on track to achieving the target of 70,000 persons by mid March.

9. The post of secretary of state will not be abolished as stated by Dr Herminie. There are presently two secretary of states – Mohammed Afif and Patrick Payet. Mayor David Andre does not hold the post of secretary of state. 

These are some, among many other examples of falsehoods uttered by the leadership of the US party yesterday morning.

The Office of the President deplores the abuse of the freedom of expression using the public media, fully financed by taxpayers money, to promote a culture of lies that is counter-productive to the country’s nation building efforts.


Press release from the Office of the President

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