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Assembly’s IAC members meet foreign Affairs, SCG officials to discuss, review maritime security agreement |08 April 2021

Assembly’s IAC members meet foreign Affairs, SCG officials to discuss, review maritime security agreement

Officials from Foreign Affairs and the SCG with

Members of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the National Assembly on Wednesday last week met with high officials from the department of Foreign Affairs and the Seychelles Coast Guard to discuss and officially review an important maritime security agreement.

The ‘Agreement between the Government of the United States of America (USA) and the Government of the Republic of Seychelles Concerning Counter Illicit Transnational Maritime Activity Operations’ seeks to mobilise the cooperation and support of the United States government in order to reinforce maritime security.

Members of the IAC include Hon. Waven William who is also the chairperson, Hon. Philip Monthy, Hon. Kelly Samynadin, Hon. Wallace Cosgrow, Hon. Egbert Aglae and Hon. Philip Arissol.

The department of Foreign Affairs was represented by Ian Madeleine the director of Regional Affairs and Teresa Laurencine, the second secretary in the International Law Unit of the Foreign Affairs department.

As for the Coast Guard it was represented by Lt. Col. Leslie Benoiton (Director of NISCC), Lt. Col. Jean Attala (Ag. Commander of the Seychelles Coast Guard).

During the meeting Mr Madeleine was able to provide the committee with a detailed explanation as to why this agreement is important and how it can benefit Seychelles in several pivotal ways in terms of maritime security.

Some of the stated benefits include; reinforcing maritime security to protect fish stocks and other marine resources to ensure their sustainability and strengthen bilateral cooperation between the USA and Seychelles.

The representatives from the Seychelles Coast Guard explained that Seychelles is in fact placed in a geographically strategic location and this means that the country is also in a vulnerable position and prone to certain threats as was seen in the past when the country had to face the threats of piracy.

The delegations informed the IAC that the agreement would put Seychelles in a position to be able to better address and deal with arising issues similar to those that had been previously dealt with or other new emerging or not yet apparent challenges.

The IAC members also had the opportunity to ask questions relating to this agreement to better understand its implications and the overall need to strengthen our maritime security surveillance capacity. The IAC will be presenting a report to the House when the Protocol will be presented for ratification.

Press release from the National Assembly secretariat

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