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African Tourism Board president Alain St Ange talks to UAE press about new responsibilities |19 April 2021

African Tourism Board president Alain St Ange talks to UAE press about new responsibilities

Mr St Ange being interviewed from the Emirates Lounge in Dubai

Well known former tourism minister Alain St Ange, who is now the president of the African Tourism Board and part of the World Travel Network (WTN) Organisation, recently talked about his new responsibilities to the UAE press while in transit in Dubai Airport on his way for a working visit to Indonesia.

“I am on my way to Jakarta to meet some tourism island groups wanting to look at consolidating their tourism industry,” Mr St Ange said.

“I work closely with friends in successful and respected communication and press organisations and have been approached by some Indonesian developers to make their tropical islands the new tourism destinatio,” Mr St Ange said in the Zoom interview.

He told the UAE press he is going to use his skills and years of expertise to help these islands as the Covid-19 pandemic is easing.

The press friendly and well known former Seychelles tourism minister said he was humbled and felt he was privileged by the exciting opportunity to play a part in building the tourism industry of Indonesia adding; “It will be no small feat but I am committed to the task and will give it my heart and soul. I was raised within the tourism industry and have spent my entire working life within the tourism sector both within the private sphere and in government and have years of experience to bring to the table.”

Mr St Ange is set to work the “South South Cooperation” that is so often talked about but rarely implemented and bringing in Africa and Asia together with Indonesia as the bridge for key tourism players. 

Mr St Ange, who heads the ‘Saint Ange Tourism Consultancybased in Seychelles, said he was not leaving Seychelles but expects to take consultancy roles where his expertise is needed.

“Today I embark on a temporary leave of absence from my island home. It remains to be seen how long I will need to be away for but I remain cognisant of the need for balance in life and the importance of being there for my family as I now have a grandson, particularly during these trying times,” said Mr St Ange. 



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