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Reactions from our readers after the fifth day of competition |24 July 2019

‘Team Seychelles performing beyond expectations’


Reuben Edmond, 12 years: “Yes I am following the games. My favourite sport is judo. Team Seychelles is doing well and I wish them well. I also watch volleyball and basketball matches. But judo is my favourite. Go team Seychelles.”


Savita Parekh: “Oh I’m loving it! Seychelles is doing extremely well and beyond my expectation. It was sad when the basketball team lost by 2 points against Reunion after such an amazing performance. In swimming and football, we are experiencing some amazing performances by the Seychelles team. My wish is for the athletes to make Seychelles proud and keep up the great performances and hope they are an inspiration for the young Seychellois who are watching the Games.”


Christopher Lespoir: “I check daily updates live on TV or on Facebook. My favourite moments indeed are the massive success of Felicity (Passon) and her mates. I think this is much more than just a win. This is a lesson for the whole of Seychelles about resilience. The swimming team had been embroiled in so much turmoil but they have proven to everyone that they can rise above it. Let this message be heard and understood by all. My saddest moment is seeing that in sports there still exist dirty tricks, where rules are changed as seen fit and this has to do with who gets to move to the next round as we have seen in football. I am pleased to see how sport can truly unite people with a purpose. Right now we need that in Seychelles!”


Lindy Farabeau: “I am enjoying the Games so far and SBC is trying its best to show us all the different sports. I really enjoy watching swimming with the fabulous results of Felicity (Passon) and the other swimmers. My saddest moment is seeing the men’s basketball lose to Reunion in the final seconds of the match. They were playing really well. All the best for the other teams. Allez Seychelles!”


Genevieve André: “Sports have always united a nation despite political or religious differences. The Indian Ocean Islands Games have always been an exciting experience, especially when the Seychelles flag is flying high. We rally behind the athletes who selflessly strive to realise their dream. The swimming queen Felicity Passon is admired for her humbleness and devotion. Chapeau to all medal winners. My saddest moment is the nightmarish score of 73-20 from our women's basketball team. Why? Oh! Why? We need to go back to the drawing board. Hats off to the football team for their tremendous feat in reaching the semifinal. Believe! Seychelles flag is flying quite high in this 10th Indian Ocean Islands Games. Ale Sesel!”


Compiled by V. Gappy

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