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National Assembly

Youth Assembly approves two motions at second sitting |29 July 2019

Youth Assembly approves two motions at second sitting

The young parliamentarians during their sitting on Saturday

Two motions were approved during the second sitting of the 16th cohort of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA) held on Saturday at the National House.

Thirty members representing the different districts were present for this sitting chaired by deputy Speaker Anya Marengo.

The first motion for the day was tabled by Jean-Yves Marengo, proposing to the government along with other concerned partners to construct a multi-purpose court and football field at the Vocational Training Centre at North East Point.

Several members gave their opinions about this proposal, saying that this project will help the youth develop their talents and skills and also get more involved in various sports thus keeping them away from social ills.

The motion was passed by a unanimous vote.

The second motion proposed that the Electoral Commission implement a voters’ education programme targeting mainly youth who are qualified to vote and those who need to register on the voter’s list.

This motion was passed by 27 votes.

Officially launched in 2003, the SNYA is an educational forum which aims at providing its members with the opportunity to nurture their knowledge and learning, as well as enabling them to develop their research and speaking skills. It is a non-political forum. There are 35 members on the Assembly who come from all districts as well as secondary and post-secondary institutions. They act as ambassadors and spokespersons for youths in their respective districts or educational institutions.

The various activities and events offered by the SNYA are sittings; Youth Voices; designing magazine / brochures for the SNYA; public speaking contest; youth exchange (chatting through internet with local & international organisations); workshop to formulate questionnaire (identifying youth trends); national youth conference; exhibition promoting traditions alongside modern technology; cultural evolution in the eyes of the youth; compilation of the conference findings and programmes’ evaluation.

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