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Independent School class of 2019 graduate |17 September 2019

Independent School class of 2019 graduate

Mr Pragassen addressing the gathering (Photos: Louis Toussaint)

The Independent School S5 class of 2019 graduated on Saturday in a ceremony at the Nyaopi conference hall where they were presented with their IGCSE certificates.

Those who excelled in their exams were also presented with the Cambridge learner’s award.

“As with previous IGCSE cohorts, these students have performed commendably in general and the results are better than last year,” said the director of the school, Zotique Pragassen.

He continued by noting that 57 students out of 74 scored 5 ‘C’s or better. This represents 77% of the students.

Twenty-four (24) students out of 74 scored 5 ‘A’s or ‘A*’s, representing 32% of the students. 36% of all grades are A to A*, while 80% are C or higher.

The school also noted a 6.4% increase in A* to C grades compared to last year.

A total of 705 entries were registered and examined. Only 1 entry was ungraded.

The students also sat for the DELF Scolaire exam. Nine students sat for A2 and forty-eight for B1 level, and all passed.

Thirteen (13) of the 14 students who sat for B2 level succeeded.

Thirty-eight (38) out of 74 students qualified for entry into A level and 36 have stayed on.

“While the majority of students have worked according to everyone's expectations, there are a few who, with a little more effort, could have performed better. However, they should not despair but draw a lesson from this experience and use it as an opportunity to get back on track,” said Mr Pragassen.

“You have also grown morally, physically and holistically as a result of our academic, social and extra-curricular programme. The school also warmly thanks the staff who, through their unstinting effort and dedication over the years, have ensured that the students performed to the very best of their abilities. We recognise and appreciate the support and encouragement that we received from parents, during the time that they entrusted their children to our care,” said the director.

In relation to the Cambridge outstanding learner awards, the school won 33 out of the 42 awards categories involving 20 independent school students out of 25 for the whole country.

Independent School students were awarded a total of three ‘Top in the World’ awards in AS for the following subjects: Biology, Mathematics and History, and two at A-Level for Mathematics and Business.

There were four students in all, one having obtained two of the awards. A

great achievement indeed!

Bertrand Morin won top in Seychelles for Biology, ICT and Mathematics, Ella Rassool was awarded top in Seychelles for English as a second language, while Hannah Pragassen, Andre Jean-Louis, Jade Du Preez and Lara Bastille scored respectively top in Seychelles for First Language English, Foreign Language French, Geography and Physics.

Diandra Ernesta and Lea Michel both scored high achievements with Diandra awarded for Literature in English while Lea was awarded in Business Studies.

Jade Du Preez got first place across 8 countries, followed by Lara Bastille who got first place across 7 countries.

Jessica Larue and Parrik Dang Kow got second and third places across 7 countries.

As for the As and A-level results, Sanjeetha Pillay scored Top in the World for Biology and Maths while Amaria Rigodon got Top in the World for History.

Five students were also awarded High Achievement awards: Alessandra Hoareau for Business, Amaria Rigodon for Computer Science, Ronienna Govinden for Geography and Sanjeetha Pillay for Physics and Chemistry.

With their excellent results Sanjeetha and Amariah scored best across four countries, while Steffi Hoareau, Richiraj Krishnamoorthy and Ayna Florentine scored best across three countries.

For the A-level results Jean Paul Lebon scored Top in the World for Mathematics, placing him best across three countries, while Viswarajan Pillay scored Top in the World for Business. The latter also got two High Achievement recognitions in Economics and Accounting, as well as best in three countries.

Speaking to the press about her results, Sanjeetha Pillay noted that she felt “very proud”.

“I have always made my education a top priority so this is why I think I scored the highest. It wasn’t easy but in the end it was worth it,” she said.

She is currently completing her A-level in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths and she noted that she will pursue a career in one of those fields.

Bertrand Morin, who scored Top in Seychelles for three subjects, said that he is really happy with his results.

“I did not expect to be top scorer in three subjects so I’m very proud of myself,” he said.

Bertrand, who is currently studying his three sciences at A-level, noted that his dream is to become a doctor.


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