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ISS kicks off community engagement with a blood drive |09 February 2023

ISS kicks off community engagement with a blood drive

International School Seychelles kicked off its community engagement with a blood drive yesterday at the school.

It was also the first time that students from Form 6 who are aged 17 and above donated blood through the school.

Elodie Vallantine, principal of ISS, shared that “it has become a tradition for ISS to organise a blood drive every four months to ensure we do our bit to help the community. After donating our blood as staff, students and parents of the school, we do feel good for being able to contribute. In line with our school’s motto, the students were excited to give back to the community. Every blood drive at the school attracts also a group of committed parents”.

Ms Vallantine added that the school is aware of the critical need of blood at the hospital and they will further this activity as long as there is a need. They also arranged for the staff of the Ministry of Health to come to the school to facilitate the blood drive.

The head girl of the school, Amani Arnephy, is a first time donor and she was quite nervous when we met her. “I know that I am eligible to donate blood and I am so excited to do so. I know one of my family members who needed blood and I could see the family stressed. If I can donate blood to help someone else, I will do it.”

Elizabeth Banda, senior programme manager from the Ministry of Health, expressed gratitude to the school for sustaining this activity.

“Three years ago we came to do a sensitization programme and every blood drive at the school attracts more donors. This year it is the first drive and they already registered for the second one. If every organisation can do that, we will not have to worry about blood in the bank.”

Ms Banda noted that right now the situation is critical at the hospital as more surgeries are being performed and they need a flow of people to come forward.

It is said that blood is one of the most priceless gifts one can give to another. Blood is essential for a person to stay alive. Many times due to accidents or any other serious ailments, a person may require blood. And in those times, people who step up to donate their blood are real-life superheroes.

The accompanying photos show the blood drive in full swing yesterday at the school.


Vidya Gappy

Photos: Joena Meme

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