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Straight ‘A’ student Andrea Louise attributes “hard work, discipline and consistency” as key to her outstanding results |02 March 2023

Straight ‘A’ student Andrea Louise attributes “hard work, discipline and consistency” as key to her outstanding results

Andrea Louise

Nineteen-year-old Andrea Louise, former student of the School of Advanced Level Studies (Sals), said hard work, discipline and consistency led to her outstanding performance during her exams, leading to two A’s and an A* in her three subjects namely History, English Language and English Literature.

Andrea, who scored a total of 32 points, automatically qualified for an international scholarship.

The young post-secondary graduate described her two years at Sals as the most challenging time of her studies.

“It was challenging but I could manage with a lot of discipline of course and I studied every day. The subjects were bulky and as it was a totally new field, it was quite hard. I was learning new skills and it was totally different from what I did at IGCSE,” she said.

She added that it also involved a lot of sacrifice, neglecting her social life.

“It was all study, study that was it. To a point where my friends would say, ‘Andrea is that all you do?, Just study?’ In fact, I did not have a social life, I just studied. Of course it was not healthy but that is what I did. It helped me a lot. There were no distractions.”

Andrea, who cried upon receiving the results, said although she had expected to do well to qualify for a scholarship, she had not expected it would be an outstanding results for all subjects.

“I did not expect straight ‘A’s especially an A* for literature which was quite shocking. So I cried when I got the results,” she told Seychelles NATION.

The young lady who is now getting ready for the next chapter of her life, plans to travel to the United Kingdom to study criminology and criminal law, a subject she has been fascinated with since a young age.

She said she is enthralled by movies and documentaries related to the topic.

Despite being excited to pursue her studies, Andrea said she is a little bit apprehensive to leave Seychelles.

“I was so looking forward when I was studying but now I am a bit apprehensive, especially since I heard that we have to leave this year. Mentally I was expecting it to be next year, so it kind of caught me off guard since we will not be having the gap year. But I am excited at the same time to take up this new challenge,” she said.

The youngster from Les Canelles comes from a family of six, and thanked her parents, family members and siblings for their support throughout her studies.

Originally from Praslin, Andrea moved to Mahé at a young age, following the passing of her mother and did all her studies at Plaisance school. Other than her studies she is passionate about crime novels and working out at the gym.

She is presently employed at Constance Lemuria as a cost controller, while she awaits for September, when she will start her studies.


Compiled by Patsy Canaya

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