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Seychelles to launch Ethics Education in State schools |16 March 2023

The Ministry of Education is launching the piloting of Ethics Education in Seychelles State schools on March 31, 2021.

This is being done in collaboration with the Unesco regional office for Eastern Africa in Nairobi, the Unesco New Delhi cluster office, the Arigatou International, the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace, the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, KAICIID International Dialogue Centre and the Muslim Council of Elders.

This project entails the teaching of Ethics Education using transformative pedagogy in selected Personal Social and Citizenship Education (PSCE) and Religious Education classes.

Ethics Education relates to Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and falls under the Sustainable Development Goals Target 4.7.  It is built around common ethical values of solidarity and human fraternity which empower children and youth to develop their sense of purpose, meaning and ethical responsibility, as a global citizen in an interconnected world.

It is bringing a transformative pedagogy to education with the aim of changing the behaviour of our children/youth, allowing them to develop respect and tolerance for people of different religious and cultural background creating a society where people live in peace.

Participants will have the chance to share their perspectives on the topic and explore strategies for promoting ethical values and principles in GCED.

The project promises to be an exciting opportunity for learners to know more about the importance of Ethics Education in today’s globalised world.

Maria Lucia Uribe, executive director, Arigatou International Geneva, an international partner in Ethics Education will be present for this ceremony at the end of the month at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri.



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