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President holds discussions with Uneca guest speaker Jean-François Groff |30 September 2019

President holds discussions with Uneca guest speaker Jean-François Groff

President Faure shakes hands with Mr Groff in the presence of Mr Fafunwa

On the sidelines of the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), President Danny Faureheld talks on Friday with the Founder of BG Research and chief executive of Mobino, Jean-François Groff.

He was accompanied by the UN Economic Commission for Africa (Uneca), lead advisor for Digital Centre for Excellence - Identity, Trade and Economy, Tunde Fafunwa.

Discussions centred on possibilities of a partnership with Mr Groff and how best Seychelles as a small island developing state can take advantage of new technological networks to make internet more accessible and affordable to Seychellois.

Mr Groff was linked with the origins of the World Wide Web and is now associated with the development of Low Earth Orbit Constellations (LEO). 

Mr Groff was the guest speaker at a UNGA side-event held on Thursday of the UnecaDigital Identity, Trade and Economy (DITE) advisory board. The meeting presented delegates with a platform to discuss the Digital Transformation Strategy in Africa through technical partnerships with public, private, civil and academia.

This being the first preliminary discussion with Seychelles, a fact-finding mission will be initiated to work out the technical details of the application in the Seychelles context.

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