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Ministry of Education organises annual blood donation |02 October 2019

Ministry of Education organises annual blood donation

The occasion was also an opportunity to undergo various other health tests

As part of the activities for Teachers’ Week, a group of teachers as well as staff of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development yesterday donated blood at the Ministry of Education headquarters at Mont Fleuri.

The blood drive marks thirteen years since the ministry has been organising such an activity and two years since it is being hosted by the Ministry of Education instead of the Seychelles Hospital.

“We decided to hold the drive here at the ministry because it’s easier to get more participants as it is more convenient and we also have donor care,” said Brigitte Labonte, one of the coordinators of the blood drive.

Ms Labonte noted that the blood drive is a good way for teachers to give back more to the community as there has been many instances were staff of the ministry needed blood transfusion.

She added that since last year the ministry has been able to set up a blood donor data base and from last year till now they have helped three staff members who needed blood.

Doris Tirant, a staff of the Ministry of Education, noted that the blood drive is a way to give back to the community as it will potentially save a life.

She added that aside from donating blood she will also take the opportunity to undergo the various other tests that were being offered such as for diabetes, HIV, health screening, vision testing in addition to a women and men’s health clinic.

All the extra services were being provided by different organisations who had partnered with the ministry such as the Lions Club Seychelles and the Women’s Lion Club Seychelles, Red Cross Society, the HIV/Aids Support Organisation (Haso), Association of Solidarity for the Family (ASFF) and Panagora Seychelles who provided the refreshments.

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