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Bodybuilding Members asking for EGM after losing trust in chairman Kisnan Louise |22 September 2023

Bodybuilding  Members asking for EGM after losing trust in chairman Kisnan Louise

The current SBBPF chairman Kisnan Louise

After being dormant for quite a while, local bodybuilders, precisely members of the Seychelles Bodybuilding and Physique Federation (SBBPF) file and signed a petition, asking for an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) where they are planning to get rid of chairman Kisnan Louise for lack of trust.

Speaking to Sports NATION, poser Rodney Henriette who is the representative of athletes on the executive committee said the purpose of the EGM is to question the roles and actions of the chairman, additionally to discuss on the unavailability of contests.

He said the chairman has not been honest and truthful with the members, while the sport has remained stagnant for years under his leadership.

Henriette also added that most of the executive committee members have resigned, after complaining about the style of leadership and poor ability of Louise.

Henriette further added that after approaching the National Sports Council (NSC), they were advised to file a signed petition, requesting an EGM within 21 days.

He further noted that Louise had previously received a vote of no confidence from members, but refused to step down.

Through the petition, the members highlighted that they believe it is time to take action in order to secure a fair and transparent future for their, calling for the removal of the current Chairman.

They said they leadership has been marred by a series of concerns and allegations that have eroded their faith in the federation.

“We believe that the removal of the Chairman is indispensable for the betterment of our sport and the welfare of its participants. By signing this petition, we can demonstrate our determination to restore integrity, professionalism, and fair governance to the Seychelles bodybuilding and physiques community”, they added.

“Let us stand united, with a common goal of ensuring the Seychelles Bodybuilding and Physiques Federation is led by individuals who prioritize transparency, fairness, and the advancement of our sport”, further stated the petition.

 The association’s Rules and Regulations of the Disciplinary Committee states (17.2) that in the event that executive committee members are in dispute among themselves, power granted by a unanimous, or 2/3 agreement of the executive to hand in power to the disciplinary committee, until the dispute is resolved.

Other than Louise, the SBBPF’s executive committee was made up of Herald Kowlessur (vice-chairman – resigned), Tara De Lafontaine (secretary- resigned), Marty Vidot (treasurer – resigned), Helga Hoareau (events coordinator), Joelen Valentin (head of the disciplinary committee), Henriette (athletes’ representative), Michael Etienne, Barnsley Antat, Cyril Rabbat, and Jacques-Alain Hoareau (gyms representatives).

Compiled by Roland Duval

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