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President Danny Faure celebrates three years in office today |16 October 2019

President Danny Faure celebrates three years in office today

President Danny Faure

Major achievements, the list keeps growing


Today marks three years since President Danny Faure was sworn into office and his achievements are many.

President Faure took the oath of allegiance and the presidential oath before Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey on Sunday October 16, 2016 in the garden of State House, succeeding James Michel and becoming the fourth head of state of the island nation.

President Faure, who is completing the five-year term of former President James Michel – who resigned barely 10 months after taking office for his third five-year mandate – pledged, on the day of his inauguration, to keep the Seychellois people at the centre of all development.

During this same ceremony, he shared with the people of Seychelles his principles of a country where every citizen lives in dignity, and our policies are based on principles of fairness, equal opportunities, and social justice. He promised to promote national unity, creating space for honest discussion, dialogue, and cooperation.

President Faure’s new administration went immediately to work and three years down the road, we can say that he is using all the tools in a president’s kit to make significant changes: laws, rules and executive orders.

In a 96-page fully illustrated commemorative book entitled ‘President Danny Faure, Three Years in Office, Key Achievements’ and published by the Office of the President to mark the occasion, President Faure writes: “Over the last three years, I have remained sincere to my promises. The country is more stable. Families, workplaces and communities are less divided by politics. There is space for dialogue and different ideas to co-exist. I exercise a leadership of non-interference, empowering decision-makers to deliver on their objectives in line with transparency, accountability and good governance. I run an open government, where policy-making is transparent and there are consultations with the public. I do not hesitate to review decisions if they are not benefiting the people we serve. We have legislation in place to ensure everyone has access to information. We strengthened the media and our communications with the public. We have created reporting mechanisms to hold institutions accountable.”

He adds: “Our development is guided by Vision 2033 and a National Development Strategy. We have new international partners, ready to support the country as we continue to nurture our blue economy agenda. I have encouraged the growth of the private sector and its rightful contribution to the creation of wealth and economic prosperity. At the core of all decisions is commitment to the social, economic and overall wellbeing of our population.”

President Faure, who is the United Seychelles party’s candidate for next year’s presidential election, notes that our progress is a result of working together, united in the belief that Seychelles is greater than us all.

“Our development proves that the road to national unity is not one of partisan politics or aggression, but one of dialogue and compassion. When each one of us does good, collectively our society becomes a stronger, happier one. We are a country of less than 100,000 people, one big family. An act of ill-will or malice against one person is a crime against us all. We must continue to nurture the harmony, peace and unity that defines our country, and resist any efforts to create discord and divide us. As a nation, we will continue to promote peace, freedom and the fundamental right of all people to live in dignity.

“During the course of our journey together over the last three years, I have learnt from you to always keep our sights focused on the issues greater than ourselves: the welfare of our people and our country. I pledge to continue working for you. I remain committed to the sustainable development of Seychelles, where your wellbeing is at the centre. It is a privilege to serve my country and people, strengthened by the conviction that Seychelles is greater than us all,” emphasises President Faure.


President Faure’s achievements in different sectors




“We need to make sure that our children and our young people do not just learn in school, but that they learn in their homes and in their communities too; appreciation and respect for human rights, respect for authority, respect for those close to them, and most importantly, self-respect. Let us recommit ourselves to ensuring our children also learn about our local traditions and heritage, which are so rich and form the foundation of our shared identity. If we fail to act, we will lose our culture.”

President Faure SONA 2019


● 1,574 students have benefited from the laptop scheme since 2017


● 1,500 youths have benefited from the holiday programme in 2019


● 100% of schools provide free Wi-Fi




“The health of our nation also depends on the health of our people. The illnesses prevalent in our society today are comparable to the situation in developed countries of the world. Our healthcare system has a good level of performance on the treatment of these illnesses, but our challenge today is prevention. Our lifestyle choices today play a big role in the condition of our health tomorrow.”

President Faure SONA 2018


● 97% of orthopaedic operations were performed locally in 2017


● 99% of our pregnant mothers made at least 4 antenatal visits during their pregnancy


● Since 2017, patients have been able to collect their medication from a pharmacy of their choice


Housing and Infrastructure


“Government is committed to make a real difference in solving the housing crisis. The majority of letters that I receive from our citizens is about their hardship and sacrifice in their pursuit of a place they can call home. Each family ought to be assisted in line with their genuine needs, and each family ought to contribute in line with their means. We have limited resources, and consequently, government must ensure that people contribute appropriately in order for more families to be assisted.”

President Faure SONA 2018


● 186 housing units were completed and allocated in four districts, as of October 2019 (36 in Mont Buxton, 42 in Grand Anse Mahe, 24 in Baie Ste Anne, 36 in St Louis, 24 Beau Vallon, 24 in La Digue)


● 283 housing units are currently under construction (18 in Grande Anse Praslin, 16 in Bel Ombre, 24 in Bel Air, 24 in English River, 18 in Anse Aux Pins, 24 in Anse Etoile, 25 in Port Glaud, 24 in Anse Royale, 16 in Mont Fleuri, 24 in Pointe Larue, 16 in Roche Caïman, 8 in Les Mamelles, 22 in Plaisance, 24 in Cascade).


● Port Victoria will undergo an overhaul and expansion, enabling the country to maximise on revenue opportunities.


Family Affairs


“Families form the foundation of our society, and we must go towards the family unit to address our challenges. We need to return to good moral and spiritual values early on so that our children have a much stronger foundation.”

President Faure SONA 2017


● R1.5 million in total was disbursed as of September 2019, to 689 households for basic needs shopping by way of cash on STC store cards


● R20 million was allocated to assist families on the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) register whose houses are in extremely poor condition


● The National Policy on Ageing was approved by Cabinet in May 2018 and launched on May 15 to coincide with International Day of the Family


Local Government, Youth, Sports and Culture


“Seychelles needs to move to a new level where community development is inclusive. Where the needs of the residents, the private sector, and civil society in the district are incorporated. All of them work together.”

President Faure SONA 2017


● 1,000 students have benefited through activities held as part of the holiday programme


● 100 students on the west coast took part in the Butterfly Programme


● A formal decision was made in October 2017 to hold the National Athletics Championship on the Saturday closest to Constitution Day


Home Affairs


“Strong relationships of mutual trust between police agencies and the communities they serve are critical to maintaining public safety and effective policing. The security of our people is a priority and we will continue to accelerate the efficiency of our system of prevention, detection, and prosecution.”

President Faure SONA 2017


● The Seychelles Intelligence Services Act 2018 was assented to in February 2019. The Director General of Seychelles Intelligence Services formally took office in August 2019.


● Three – The total number of audits carried out by UNODC between March 2018 and 2019 with the aim of curbing illegal activities within the prison system


● 9 – The number of police stations now providing 24-hour service




“I believe in the strength of our Seychellois workforce, and in its capacity to move Seychelles forward.”

President Faure SONA 2017


● October 1, 2019 – Date of introduction of Regulation for Stevedores, aiming to provide better terms and conditions of employment


● 1,481 – The number of young people who registered with ‘My First Job’ in the last two years

● Minimum wage increased from R5250 to R5750


Fisheries and Agriculture


“The government is committed to supporting and encouraging the development of the agricultural sector, which is at the heart of developing a sustainable and inclusive economy. This sector also has a vital role to play in bringing greater food security to our country.

President Faure SONA 2018


● 19 tonnes – Daily production of ice from two plants at Providence, one producing 10 tonnes, and the other 9 tonnes


● September 6, 2018 – Date on which the new fishing port at Providence was inaugurated by Vice-President Vincent Meriton


● Five new farm roads, (two renovated), were constructed while irrigation was upgraded and a new mechanisation store was constructed




“…the tourism industry is a very promising one for business, for employment, and for value addition. This industry remains the pillar of our economy.”

President Faure SONA 2017


● 16% increase in amount of foreign exchange by 2019, brought in by the tourism industry


● 361,844 – Number of visitors to Seychelles in 2018, a 3% increase over 2017


● A320 Neo called ‘Veuve’ started operating in August 2019




“Together, we need to continue looking after our environment. We need to continue protecting our rare and endemic species and fragile ecosystems, and also continue managing our natural resources sustainably.”

President Faure SONA 2017


● 26% - Percentage of Seychelles’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) designated as marine protected areas – set to rise to 30% by 2020


● 25.75 metric tonnes – Amount of marine plastic litter removed from Aldabra by the Aldabra Clean-Up Project


● First deep sea exploration in Seychelles and the West Indian Ocean Region, collecting valuable data on previously unchartered ocean territory


Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning


“Economic growth has been positive in the last 10 years. The macroeconomic environment is stable and our fiscal position is stable. Today, the World Bank classifies us as a ‘High Income Country’. In Africa, we are the only country who has this classification, and we are the first country in the Indian Ocean to achieve this milestone.”

President Faure SONA 2018


● 4.6 million – Amount of banknotes removed from circulation as at end of August 2019, with a total value of R940,076,870


● Vision 2033 was launched and published in August 2019. Vision 2033 is the long-term vision for Seychelles


● R50.6 million – Amount allocated under long service allowance to non-contract staff in July 2019


Other headings in the book include technology, industrial and entrepreneurship development, a focus on the community, and President Faure’s international achievements.


Compiled by G. G.



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