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Education professionals complete online courses |22 November 2023

Education professionals complete online courses

The Ministry of Education has forged a close collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) to bolster the implementation of blended learning.

The primary goal of this partnership is to enhance the capabilities of teachers in developing blended learning and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) courses.

Expert facilitators provided by COL have played a pivotal role in guiding and supporting these courses, which were conducted in an online format.

As part of this initiative, a cohort of educators has successfully completed three distinct courses. The Online Training on Course Development using Moodle was conducted by consultant Andrew Moore, from June 27 to August 8, 2022. The course aimed to empower participants with insights into the blended/online learning approach and equip them with the skills to develop courses utilising the Moodle platform.

The following individuals successfully completed the course: Jocelyne Marie (Anse Boileau secondary); Shorna Coelho (Anse Boileau primary); Brigitte Amade (Anse Boileau primary); Gina Scholastique (Au Cap primary); Emeline Riaze (Perseverance primary); Vicky Aglae (Cascade primary); Lina Pillay (Glacis primary); Fenella Morel (Glacis primary); Tony Fanchette (Praslin secondary) and Farouq Abdelhaq (Anse Royale secondary).

Developing Open Textbooks using Pressbooks was facilitated by Josie Gray, from June 19 to June 30, 2023. Its objective was to provide participants with insights into developing interactive workbooks using the ‘Pressbooks’ platform.

The following participants successfully completed the course: Sylvette Esparon (Bel Eau primary); Juliette Jean (Beau Vallon primary); Elsie Souris(Beau Vallon primary); Melissa Aglae (Bel Eau primary); Vicky Aglae (Cascade primary); Mandy Hoareau (Anse Aux Pins primary); Nzubuka Billy Machilika (Anse Boileau secondary); Tembo Gerald Major (Plaisance secondary) and Mann Muyuwa Wamuwi (Pointe Larue secondary).

EdTech Accelerated Learning Course was in collaboration with the World Bank. The EdTech Accelerated Learning Course, facilitated by World Bank Education specialists, aimed to engage World Bank country teams in designing EdTech policies, strategies, or action plans aligned with national education strategies.

The course took place from May 8 to May 26, 2023, and the following participants successfully completed it: Daniella Athanase, Alain Theresine and Marie-Chantale Nicole from the education ministry; Chanel Leon (Pointe Larue secondary) and Davilia Philoe of English River secondary.

Principal secretary for Education, John Lesperance, noted that the strategic direction set in 2021 underscored the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Open Educational Resources (OER) in teaching, learning and policy development.

“Our collaboration with the COL has been fundamental in this journey. Together, we initiated various training programmes, empowering our teachers with the skills needed for online course creation, open textbooks, and digital education leadership. The commitment to enhancing educators’ digital skills was further emphasised through in-service training programmes covering e-learning application development, Microsoft Teams collaboration, and online class facilitation,” shared Mr Lesperance.

He also spoke about the various programmes implemented by the ministry over the years making sure that their strategies align with the needs and aspirations of the educational community.

Speaking on behalf of her colleagues, one of the graduates, Daniella Athanase, thanked the ministry, the COL and the World Bank Groups for providing them with the incredible opportunity to elevate their professional capacities.

“This journey has been transformative, and our hearts are brimming with appreciation for the unwavering commitment to advancing education and investing in the growth of educators. This ceremony today symbolises not only the successful completion of courses but also the beginning of a transformative chapter in our educational journey. We are now armed with a heightened understanding of course development using Moodle, expertise in EdTech policies and the ability to create open textbooks using Pressbooks,” shared Mrs Athanase.

All participants received their certificates from the Minister of Education, Dr Justin Valentin, PS Merna Eulentin and PS John Lesperance.

The photos show the three groups who followed the different courses.


Vidya Gappy

Photos: Joena Meme




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