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UniSey celebrates 10th anniversary with Big Up exhibition |18 October 2019

UniSey celebrates 10th anniversary with Big Up exhibition

In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, the University of Seychelles (UniSey) has organised a two-day exhibition to showcase the numerous milestones achieved by the institution over the decade.

The Big Up exhibition, one of the many activities organised to commemorate the milestone achievement, was officially launched yesterday morning by the vice-chancellor of the university Justin Valentin, in the presence of high-ranking officials, students from English River secondary school and representatives of partner institutions to the university.

On display are various press clippings of activities organised by UniSey over the years, as well as different artefacts, information about study programmes on offer as well as posters depicting outstanding performers from each year’s batch of graduates.

In his opening address, Dr Valentin noted that the exhibition serves to open the university’s doors to everyone including prospective students so they can discover the wealth of UniSey.

“This institution aspires to create a new academic landscape in this country. We are proud of what we are doing and what we have done so far. We are so excited to commence the new decade. We want to build more connections with the various ministries, industries and in particular, the post-secondary institutions. Let us engage in some serious discussion about higher education in the Seychelles,” he said.

“We aspire to be the knowledge hub of the Indian Ocean so my dear prospective students, tell us that dream of yours. Tell us how we can be part of your journey. We sincerely want to be part of your academic journey so please allow us to be part of your journey,” Dr Valentin said when addressing the students present who came to view the exhibition.

Dr Valentin further noted that the UniSey is striving to remain relevant for the local community and within the region.
He also urged institutions to partner with UniSey to aid in the development of the institution and towards the local academic landscape.

Quality Assurance Officer at the University and UniSey alumni Diana Ethier also provided a testimony as to her experience as a student at the university.

She noted that while many students opt to study abroad, UniSey is a good venue for further studies since students can benefit from one-to-one attention from lecturers on account of the number of students enrolled in the programmes.

“I am truly a child of UniSey and I am proud to say that as the motto states, UniSey has helped me to secure my future in my hands,” she said.

Guests were then invited to view the exhibition and address any queries to members of staff.

The exhibition will be open to the public today.

UniSey commenced in 2009 with only 18 members of staff, but currently employs 78 staff. Back then, only three programmes were on offer, namely business administration, computing and information systems and education. Currently, the institution offers 12 programme areas in more than 18 training rooms in collaboration with 5 international institutions and due to demand, more training rooms are needed.

The institution was accredited by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA) in 2015. In 2016, a new department called the Department of Tourism was created and the first students are expected to be enrolled in the Masters of Sciences in Sustainable Tourism Management, a programme that is partly local and party international.

Furthermore, the first local Masters programme, Masters in Marine Science and Sustainability was validated earlier this year and will be ready to accept students as from next year.

Over the years, UniSey has produced 24 first-class graduates and graduated over 1500 students who are all in employment both in Seychelles and abroad. The institution welcomed its first international student in 2015, a German student who enrolled in the Bachelor of Sciences in Environmental Science and graduated last year in 2018.

In 2018, the institution also hosted its first international conference, the 16ème colloque international d'études creoles. In Decemberthis year, the institution will be hosting another international conference in hospitality and sustainability.

The accompanying photos show guests viewing the exhibition.

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