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Former Secondary 5 students receive their exam results |20 January 2024

The Secondary five (S5) students of 2023 received both their Cambridge IGCSE and National exam results yesterday.

Seychelles NATION caught up with some of the students at their respective school as the results were being distributed to get their reactions as well as that of the management teams.

At the Beau Vallon secondary school we were met with both some anxious students and parents awaiting in long queues for their results. Speaking to Seychelles NATION, deputy head teacher, Garry Nanty, said “the results of our students have really surpassed our expectations”. Sir Garry added that having followed the cohort since S1 he was really satisfied with how far they have come.

One of the students we spoke to was Myles Chang-Tave, who expressed great satisfaction after receiving his results. “I was not expecting to do as well as I did. I am more than happy with my results and hope to attend the School of Advanced Level Studies (SALS) in the near future.”

Another student, Elodie Ah-Time, said she was shocked by the way her results turned out and was very proud herself. “I want to thank everyone who has supported me all the way to reaching this point.”

Maria Dubel and Abigail Joubert also expressed great joy and have high hopes of continuing their progress, by pursuing further studies.

At the English River secondary school, head teacher Steve Hoareau also expressed his views, stating the school’s performance was not up to par. “I am not very satisfied with this year’s results. In my view it is not up to the standards set for the English River secondary school.”

Sir Steve noted that there are indeed some students who did outstandingly well, though he still thinks it could have been better. Unfortunately, no students from the English River secondary school were willing to share their results with Seychelles NATION.

At the Mont Fleuri secondary school, the head of studies, Rockline Malcouzane was generally happy with the exams’ outcomes, despite having encountered teacher shortage throughout last year.

“In general after glancing at the results I am genuinely satisfied considering the big lack of teachers we had during the year,” she said.

Miss Malcouzane said the teachers conducted extra classes and helped the students in every way they could, to ensure they perform well.

Seychelles NATION also caught up with a few students from the Anse Boileau secondary school who had just received their results. After the long wait, Dylan Freminot was excited to receive the results. “I am rather content with my results, however there is still much room for improvement in my opinion,” he said.

Gelca Cadence and Chloe Roselie said they were also satisfied although still feel they could have done much better. However, they are positive they could still get into the post-secondary institutions they applied for.

Evans Mousbe also expressed joy after receiving his results. “I had the expectations that I would do much worse but it turned out I did quite well,” shared Evans, who for now was not thinking about whether he will get into a post-secondary institution but was simply content with receiving the results.

The S5 students who qualify for post-secondary institutions will start their school year next month. 


Kassey Govinden




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