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Bodybuilding: Regis Delorié Classic |24 June 2019

Bodybuilding: Regis Delorié Classic

Kevin Domingue reigns supreme, Jade Simeon best in Bikini

● Alain ‘Pipin’ Rosalie clinches Men’s Physique title


Young poser Kevin Domingue is the grand winner of the inaugural Regis Delorié Classic bodybuilding competition, while Jade Simeon is the first ever Miss Bikini winner, as Alain Rosalie takes home the Men’s physique title of the competition which took place on Saturday at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles.

Hosted by former Mr Seychelles Regis Delorié, the competition was a chance for athletes who train at the Animal Kingdom Gym to show off their ability since, according to Mr Delorié, they have been left out of all the local competitions organised by the sport’s local governing body.

It featured a Miss Bikini contest, Men’s physique competition for novice and seniors, body building classic for beginners and a bodybuilding competition for the more advanced athletes.

The event began with a small reflection by Mr Delorié who retraced his career and achievements throughout the years, before recognising two individuals who played a vital role in moulding him into the person he is today.

Firstly, he commended Robert Rose who introduced him to the sport after discovering his interest and potentials, before awarding Rommel Labiche who was his first training partner and comrade along his way to success in bodybuilding.

Serious business on Saturday began with the Miss Bikini contest where there were two contestants, namely Jade Simeon and Tarra De La Fontaine who made the task of the judging panel made up of Golbert Nicette, Robert Rose and Justin Ernest a difficult one.

In the end, it was decided that Simeon had the extra characteristic needed to be crowned the first ever Miss Bikini of the Regis Delorié Classic.

The Men’s Physique contest was divided into two categories – novice and senior.

The novice line-up was made up of Rino Pillay, Julius Banane, Craig Bonté and Travis Laporte.

It was not a difficult task for the judging panel to pick a winner as it was obvious that Pillay clearly stood out in the group.

He clinched the first position, finishing ahead of Banane who was second, while Bonté and Laporte were third and fourth respectively.

In the senior category, Rosalie, commonly known as ‘Pipin’, was up against Wallace Dorasamy and brothers Frank Anacoura and Andrew ‘Dj Amazing’ Nicoire.

With his blocky and well-defined mid-section, Pipin managed to convince the jury that he was the best, placing him first ahead of Dorasamy who was second overall.

Nicoire finished third, pushing his big brother Anacoura into fourth place.

In the bodybuilding contest, the clash was divided into two categories, where the beginners competed in the classic, leaving the more experienced athletes to rub shoulders in the senior competition.

For the classic, Aubrey Hoareau convinced the judges that he was the best, finishing first, ahead Jean-Yves Larue who was the group’s runner-up. Fabien Richard was third overall in the group.

In the senior category, Kevin Domingue was up against ex-weightlifter Ian Rose who has switched allegiance to bodybuilding.

It was clear that both athletes were well prepared, but Domingue boasted a height and mass advantage which gave him the upper hand on Rose, who was a bit shorter.

Domingue was crowned as the first ever RegisDelorié Classic winner, with Rose being the second best.

Other than the category awards, there were also individual rewards where Rosalie received the prize for best abdominals, while Domingue went home with the trophy for the best thighs.

Dorasamy was voted as the athlete with the most muscular body.

The fans at Saturday’s event had the chance to enjoy performances from guest posers Rodney Henriette and former Mr Seychelles Fabien Antat who both trained under the guidance of Mr Delorié during their peak days.

Giving his reaction about the event, Mr Delorié said it is here to stay and will become a yearly event.

He noted that his long years of dedication and commitment towards bodybuilding has allowed him to have a competition under his name.

Mr Delorié further added that he was satisfied with the conditions of the athletes as he is a firm believer of quality over quantity.

“Whenever you hear the name Regis Delorié, expect the best in terms of quality,” concluded Mr Delorié who thanked all his sponsors, associates and everyone who in one way or another helped to make the competition a success.

Regis Delorié Classic hall of fame

Miss Bikini: 1. Jade Simeon, 2. Tarra De La Fontaine

Men’s physique (novice): 1. Rino Pillay, 2. Travis Banane, 3. Craig Bonté, 4. Travis Laporte

Men’s physique (senior): 1. Alain Rosalie, 2. Wallace Dorasamy, 3. Andrew Nicoire, 4. Frank Anacoura

Bodybuilding Classic: 1. Aubrey Hoareau, 2. Jean-Yves Larue, 3. Fabien Richard

Bodybuilding: 1. Kevin Domingue, 2. Ian Rose

Best Abs: Alain Rosalie

Best Thighs: Kevin Domingue

Most Muscular Body: Wallace Dorasamy


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