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Global Enterprise Week ‒ Run a business for a day Students learn how to manage a business |21 November 2020

Global Enterprise Week ‒ Run a business for a day     Students learn how to manage a business

Seychelles has had the privilege this year to host the Global Entrepreneurship Week from November 16-22. This event regroups 180 countries and 40,000 events are being organised worldwide.

As stated by Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry Devika Vidot, “the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a fantastic opportunity for Seychelles to connect with a truly global enterprise community and allows the world to learn about our entrepreneurship proficiencies, despite the size of its economy”.

President Wavel Ramkalawan also shared his thoughts about it saying “I am honoured that my beautiful country, Seychelles, was selected to host the Global Entrepreneurship Week during a time where anxiety presides over the aspirations of my fellow citizens. I am extremely proud that as a small island state, heavily dependent on tourism, we have managed to overcome deficiencies, and broken away from tradition and little by little we are forging our way forward by using the entrepreneurial intellect of our people. I stand here today saluting the never-ending efforts of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, our entrepreneurship partners in and outside of Seychelles, in particular the United Nations Cooperation on Trade and Development.”

The department of entrepreneurship and industry organised various activities to make the youth understand and learn about the importance of business with the theme ‘Run a business for a day’.

Two youngsters ‒ Garreth Albert and Haani Kilindo ‒ who have just completed secondary five (S5) had the opportunity to visit local paint company Penlac yesterday. Nixon Albert, chief operations officer at Penlac, briefed them about the different functions of Penlac which employs 42 staff ‒ 60% of them are below 25 years old.

The company’s working hours are from 8am to 4.30pm with an hour break. Penlac comprises different sections and every morning the managers attend a briefing about the day’s work.

Garreth Albert and Haani Kilindo were able to learn about the manufacturing of various paint products, the role of the production manager, got information and practical explanations of the paint manufacturing process, production process, range of products produced, importance of quality control, health and safety essentials and eco-friendly and environmental protection initiatives.

Each year, Penlac accommodates two students from the Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT) on work-based experience.

It was at around 10am that Seychelles NATION spoke to Garreth and Haani and they both said they hope to further their studies at SIT. Garreth noted that he was very impressed with the running of Penlac as he thought it was only the machines that make the colours.

Haani would like to pursue her studies to become an electrician and she was also impressed with the good organisation of the company.

“I want to do my own business in the future and I am learning that planning and discipline are key for success,” said Hanna.

On this same programme, students will today visit the Turquoise horse trail at Barbarons; Bot O Bleu Charters at Angel Fish Marina; Mavericks Corp, WonderWeiss Workshop and simulation at Mont Fleuri secondary school and the event will wrap up by a youth debate ‘Tal Koltar’ at The Guy Morel Institute tomorrow.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the two former S5 students’ experience at Penlac yesterday.


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