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Education ministry ensures equitable learning for all students |28 January 2021

Education ministry ensures equitable learning for all students

A teacher is being video recorded delivering a lesson (Photo source: Ministry of Education)

The Ministry of Education has taken several steps to support learning during school closure.

Firstly, the ministry has been broadcasting specially prepared and adapted educational content for students on the two main national television channels: Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) and Telesesel.

The lessons are broadcasted five days a week and are aligned to the National Curriculum.

The schedule for the week is made available at least one day prior to the television broadcast via SBC, Telesesel, print media, the ministry’s website and Facebook page.

In addition, for students who do not have access to internet, teachers of each school are encouraged to publish the schedules of lessons planned for broadcasting and place it in a location that is directly accessible to students and parents, for example, in school entrances or notice boards. Teachers can also share the timetable through text messages and other social networks.

Secondly, the ministry has established a repository of educational resources under its E-Learning Centre on the ministry’s website ( This platform contains lessons of various levels, both for primary and secondary students. Additionally, this platform features a catalogue of online educational resources, including Open Educational Resources, that can be useful for teachers, parents and students to access for revision; additional reading and learning purposes, especially during times of school closure.

Furthermore, educational videos are featured on the same platform.

To further enhance information made available to parents, teachers and students, the broadcasted lessons are further featured under the ministry’s You tube channel.

In order to ensure continuous learning and moving ahead with various innovative ways and means by effective use of technology, a special ‘E-Learning Covid Response Team’ was set up. This team also provides guidance and technical support to teachers who are involved in presenting lessons via virtual means.

It is to be noted that during this unprecedented time, various teachers have come forward to deliver the lessons via virtual means to our students. Their passion for teaching, even via new innovative technological means, are strong and shines through.

A special thank you goes to all of them and Toule Box, for the special assistance provided to the Ministry of Education for filming of the lessons.


Press release from the Ministry of Education

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