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The importance of commitment towards students’ well-being |01 February 2021

The Ministry of Education held a third special Education Task Force Meeting on Friday January 29.

One of the main points emphasised during the meeting is commitment, in particular, commitment of teachers to students and commitment of parents towards their children.

The m inistry is making a special call to teachers and parents on the importance of support for our children during this challenging time. Teachers’ role as facilitator of learning needs to take another dimension to allow for continuity in the students’ learning process.

Teachers can continue supporting their students in various ways, for example:

  • Invite students to connect via e-mail; WhatsApp group or, calling their parents
  • Schedule regular check-ins with students virtually
  • Let the students know you are one of the adults here to help keep them safe
  • Listen to your students’ needs
  • Provide opportunities for the students to express their feelings
  • Keep to routines as much as possible

In all, teachers are being encouraged to stay connected to their students. This is why teachers are being asked to come to their respective school in small groups as of today, Monday February 1,to better attend to the needs of their students.

To the parents, we all know that the Covid-19 brings with it feelings of anxiety, stress and uncertainty and these are felt strongly by children of all ages. Therefore, your children are going to need feeling loved and supported now more than ever. This can be achieved through various ways, for example:

  • Parents need to have a calm, proactive conversation with their children about the situation we are facing now. We can remind them that they also have important roles to play, mainly by adhering to health guidelines and ensuring that they carry on with their school work being delivered to them via various means
  • Stick to a routine. Children need structure and parents need to invent entirely new structures to get their children through the days. Having a schedule for the day is important – that can include: time where they should be following the lessons featured via virtual means or other outlets; play time where children can get on their phone and connect with their friends, as well as time set aside to help around the house. Parents, do create a structure that works for you.

In all, remember that your children are relying on you to provide a sense of safety and support.

The Ministry of Education emphasises that we all have our role to play in our commitment towards our students and children. On its part, the ministry is doing its utmost to ensure continuity in learning for students of all ages and maintains its collaboration with the Ministry of Health, to better prepare for the reopening of schools.


Press release from the Ministry of Education




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