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MoE gives an update on the state of education in the country |05 February 2021

MoE gives an update on the state of education in the country

Dr Barallon (Photo: Anel Robert)

Following the announcement by the Ministry of Education that teachers should report to their respective institutions, the principal secretary for Higher Education and Human Resource Development, Dr Linda Barallon, conducted an interview yesterday at the ministry’s headquarters to give media houses an update on how things are going with remote learning.

“We are pleased to note that this has been well received and the feedback we have got from parents and institutions is very positive,” said Dr Barallon.

She continued by noting that the media has played a key role in helping teachers deliver their lessons and interacting with students.

“When it comes to professional centres, studies have resumed online through multiple platforms since January and have been going well. However we still have some challenges when it comes to catering for the most vulnerable students who do not have access to internet,” Dr Barallon said.

Dr Barallon added it is important that institutions are made aware of students who do not have the means to follow classes online and they will be given hard copies of their notes and be able to meet their teachers at school.

She also remarked that teachers who do not have the resources to conduct their classes at home, can use the school's resources and internet.

When it comes to classes that are broadcasted on SBC 3, the PS noted that for now they are satisfied with the way it is being conducted.

“The teachers are adapting well from what we have gathered. However, some teachers are still wary of the virus but nonetheless since the vaccine has rolled out and our teachers as well as students over 18 have taken it, we felt that this will offer them protection,” Dr Barallon said.

Concerning parents' feedback, the principal secretary said that they have received mixed reviews.

“The tables have shifted where parents should be more engaged in the education of their child and monitor them to make sure that they are participating in their school work while at home. In general we have seen many parents meeting us halfway and offering their support,” Dr Barallon said.

Earlier in the year OxfordAQA, one of the largest UK-curriculum examination boards, announced that they had cancelled IGCSE and A-Level exams for May/June. Dr Barallon said this will not affect the S5 and A Level students as they sit for their examinations in October. However if the October/November exams are cancelled, then the Ministry of Education will meet to discuss the necessary measures.

The principal secretary ended by thanking teachers for the exceptional efforts they have made over the past few weeks.

Schools are set to resume mid February if there are no surges in cases. Task forces have put in place the necessary structures to make sure that everything goes smoothly once schools welcome back their students.


Christophe Zialor

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