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Online training for Master Trainers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence |04 May 2021

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with Unesco, is organising an online training for Master Trainers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence which will take place this week.

This training, which was launched yesterday, is being facilitated by Unesco in the context of the remaining phase of the current Unesco SIDS Action Plan 2016-2021.

Unesco is ready to support SIDS in the promotion and teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The Unesco SIDS Action Plan demonstrates Unesco’s support to SIDS in achieving sustainable development and under this Action Plan the organisation has assisted Seychelles with a donation of robotic kits for secondary schools and will be conducting online training for teachers in programming, coding and robotics.

The first activity under this Action Plan is the online training of Master teachers on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in May 2021 which will be followed by a second training of teachers during the August vacation.

In order to better coordinate activities relating to the promotion of STEM education in our schools the ministry has set up a National STEM Committee comprising key officials from the Ministry of Education and other key partners like the department for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Independent School.

There is a total of eight teachers and lecturers attending the Master Trainers on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; one teacher is attending on La Digue and 7 teachers and lecturers are attending as one group on Mahé. The training on Mahé will take place at the Ex-CCATS training room at the Ministry of Education from today until Friday May 7, 2021 from 10am to 5pm.


Press release from the Ministry of Education

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