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Doctors call on President Faure |24 July 2019

Doctors call on President Faure

The doctors in a souvenir photograph with President Faure after the meeting

Six doctors representing the Doctors for doctors Seychelles association called on President Danny Faure yesterday morning at State House.

“In the meeting with the President, we discussed the association which is open for all registered doctors in Seychelles as the association’s aim is to provide training for doctors where we feel there is a need,” said the association’s chairperson, Dr Sylvie Pool.

She added that the association also helps doctors voice out any issues that they might have and serves as a voice for the masses.

Dr Pool noted that the President has shown full support to the association and that they made the President aware of the numerous challenges that doctors are facing in Seychelles.

“We are looking for his support to conduct training in fields such as auditing by other doctors. We also talked to the President about our new medical magazine which focuses on health promotion,” Dr Pool added.

The magazine itself includes updated guidelines and evidence based treatment as well as feature articles that focus on the history of health care in Victoria and will also include remarks by patients.

“We are trying to restore people’s faith in the hospital as well as health in general,” added Dr Pool.

There are no medical magazines written by local writers and researchers, so there was a need to have something to discuss the problems that doctors working in Seychelles face. We need these articles to help doctors as the standard for medicine changes quite frequently,” said Dr Salma Farook, editor of the magazine.

She noted that the magazine will be released every three months and will be available for patients as well as doctors.

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