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Seychelles Breweries launches canned EKU Bavaria |21 May 2021

Seychelles Breweries launches canned EKU Bavaria

Seychelles Breweries newest product on the market

Seychelles Breweries has launched its newest product on the market – EKU Bavaria in a can.

“We wanted to bring more choice to the market with the introduction of EKU in a 500 ml can,” said  Nick Ross, export and new business manager Seychelles Breweries.

He added that not only will the cans provide better storage compared to the glass bottles it will also be more suited to various consumer occasions.

“There are some drinking occasions when consumers prefer cans to glass bottles. EKU is a popular beer across Seychelles and it made sense to extend this choice to the brand,” said Mr Ross.

In February Seychelles Breweries launched Vann Swet which was an instant hit on the market. Mr Ross noted that EKU won’t compete with Vann Swet as EKU appeals to beer drinkers that enjoy the taste of German brewing traditions.

Even though not much marketing has to be done when it comes to Seychellois buying beer, Seychelles Breweries will be supporting the brand with a focus on excellent execution into the stores first and foremost. 

“Shops will be displaying posters and fridge stickers communicating the arrival of the new 500ml can and the RRSP. In addition, there will be advertisements in the local press,” said Mr Ross.

The new canned beer is also the second beer in the entire Diageo beer portfolio to use the innovative beer label technology on a commercial basis. The first was Vann Swet.

“Seychelles Breweries is proud to be using this technology,” added Mr Ross.

The 500ml, 5.4% beer is now available in retail outlets for the recommended price of R53.


Christophe Zialor

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