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CAA members call on President Ramkalawan |25 May 2021

CAA members call on President Ramkalawan

The CAA members during their meeting with President Ramkalawan. Also present was Vice-President Ahmed Afif (Photo: Jude Morel)

Members of the Constitutional Appointment Authority (CAA) yesterday called on President Wavel Ramkalawan to discuss issues pertaining to the authority and the changes that can be made to improve its efficiency.

The five members of the CAA – Michel Felix, Willy Confait, Simone De Comarmond, Marie Nella Azemia and Annette Georges – had previously requested for an appointment with the President and were grateful that they finally got the opportunity.

After the courtesy call, Mr Felix, who is the chairperson of CAA, said that the discussions were broad, covering an array of topics, the most prominent of which being amendments to be made to three sections of the constitution.

“We discussed with the president a bit of everything, but the main points were certain amendments that will be made principally to article 134, concerning the courses of action taken when there are complaints about Judges. Then we have section 45 of the Information Act and Article 139 which are also to be amended,” stated Mr Felix.

He further explained that article 134 is a bit too rigid and thus CAA is looking to amend it in a way that other disciplinary action is taken upon judges before they are taken to the tribunal, as the article currently states.

The CAA is a Constitutional body established under Articles 139 and 140 of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles whose mandate is to recommend senior judicial officers and other constitutional appointees for appointment by the President as prescribed in the Constitution or by an Act and regulate their conduct.


Iza Amade

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