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The National Information Services Agency

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The National Information Services Agency (NISA) was created in 2010 as a non-budget dependent agency. NISA publishes the Seychelles NATION newspaper and provides printing services through NISA Press.

It was on March 23, 2010 that the National Assembly approved legislation for the setting up of the information agency which provides information services in an efficient, objective, impartial and cost-effective manner to the public and state institutions.

On April 27, 2010 former President James Michel appointed Merline Volcère as the first chief executive of NISA. She has been succeeded by Mr Gerard Govinden, who has been in the post since February 2018.

The main function of NISA is to publish the daily Seychelles NATION newspaper. From 2016 Nisa extended its offering to provide support to the printing and publishing industries, using state-of-the-art technology. This allows it to contribute to the development of the press section in mass media in Seychelles.

The objects of NISA are:
  1. to operate as an agency for gathering and disseminating information in an efficient, objective, impartial and cost-effective manner;
  2. to contribute to the development of the mass media in Seychelles;
  3. to promote the economic, political, social and diplomatic interests of Seychelles nationally and internationally;
  4. to contribute to national development and nation-building;
  5. to provide information support and to be an information outlet for the government, national institutions and the public.
The functions of the agency are:
  1. establish and operate facilities for the collection and distribution of information;
  2. enter into agreements for the supply of information to the agency and for the distribution of information;
  3. compile, print, produce, publish and distribute the Seychelles NATION newspaper and other publications;
  4. provide pre-press services and products to government, other persons and organisations;
  5. buy, hire or otherwise acquire and sell, let of otherwise dispose of or hypothecate or pledge or otherwise deal with any movable property or, with the prior approval of the Minister responsible for Land, any immovable property or any right in or immovable property’
  6. operate bank accounts;
  7. accept donations and receive moneys due to it;
  8. with the approval of the Minister responsible for Finance raise or borrow money, with or without security, and issue debentures, bills of exchange or other negotiable instruments;
  9. apply its funds to the establishment of a reserve fund, or invest moneys not immediately required for its affairs with any financial institution approved by the Minister in consultation with the Minister responsible for Finance;
  10. act as agent or representative of any person, for any purpose connected with its objects for itself appoint agents or representatives for such a purpose; and
  11. ensure the protection of all intellectual property belonging to the Agency.

The publishing arm of NISA, Seychelles NATION is an established information outlet for the government, national institutions, the private sector and public in general.
NISA has a workforce of 42 staff and 10 part-timers in different fields.
The NIA executive is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, assisted by a Deputy Chief Executive Officer. They are both appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Board of NISA as per the stipulations of the NISA Act.


Our Vision

To be the leading local news and information provider across all media platforms with a global reach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, entertain and disseminate factual information in a timely and objective manner through the publication of the Seychelles NATION newspaper and other appropriate technological medium, to help people shape their decisions.

Our Core Values

We commit ourselves to work as a team respectfully and cooperatively in every task we do, striving to uphold trustworthy news, and at all times embracing integrity, inspiring trust and taking responsibility for our action.

  • It matters to all staff
  • Because we can move forward
  • It brings about great results
  • It cultivates a spirit of oneness
  • It shapes our behaviours
  • It helps build self-confidence
  • It unites us
  • It projects a good image for the organisation
  • Its builds fairness and ethical journalism
  • It creates a product of value for staff and customers

NISA’s organisation structure

National Information Services Agency structure
NISA’s organisation structure